Bookie Tips for Players: Betting Parlays

Parlays (also known as combo bets), are one of the most popular sports betting types amongst the players of bookie price per head bookie-tips-betting-parlaysproviders.

And the reason is because it allows bettors to obtain better earnings while risking less cash, which is why to win them is not as easy as with other wagering types such as the straight wager.


Bookie Tips: An Example


The easiest way to understand a parlay is with an example, so here we go:

On parlays, the client of the pay per head bookie can combine different sports, spreads, money lines and even totals, so in this case we will pick a 3 team parlay with:

The Heat at  – 5

The Patriots game to go over 35

The Yankees on the Money Line at +140


In a parlay, all picks should be winners or the entire bet becomes a loss, according to the rules of bookmaking agents.

The only exception is a canceled game, and when it comes to our example, the bet would go from a 3 team parlay to a 2 team parlay if any of the sporting events doesn’t take place.

This of course would result in a different outcome related to the cash you can win, with fewer earnings, but also less risk.

Going back to our example, let’s say that Miami won their match 100 to 93, so this is a win; the Patriots match ended 23-15, for a total of 38, so we have another win here, and NY also defeated their rival.

As all 3 picks were positive, the player obtains a winning bet, allowing him to collect from his price per head bookie.

When it comes to what the player of the pay per head bookie can win, that would depend on what he’s betting on.

If he’s wagering on hoops and football totals and spreads, then he’ll commonly be working with standard odds fixed at -110, meaning that for every $110 you wager, the player will get $100.

And when the customer of the price per head bookie is integrating a pick into his parlay that includes money lines or a different sport, then the wager will be evaluated using true odds, and to calculate winnings for this, a parlay calculator always comes handy.

When betting parlays, a player should consider a few things that would make it easier to win, such as checking the previous results for the selected teams as home team and also as underdog.

It is also important to take into consideration if the favored team will be featuring or not its major star players, if the game will take place in an open stadium, and also the weather conditions.

These and other considerations can really make the difference when deciding what to pick and what not, allowing the player to take better decisions when placing his parlays with his price per head bookie.

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