Bookie Tips: Building your Online Reputation

What is said about your bookie price per head company online and how your sports betting operation is perceived can have a real bookie-tips-building-online-reputationimpact on your business.

If you want your online reputation to remain strong, you must keep your prospective clients happy, create ongoing engaging content and also be honest about what you have to offer.


Bookie Tips: Online Reputation Management

Here we are offering you a crash course on online reputation management or ORM, including facts, and steps that you can take in order to get things going your way.


Players will Research You Online

After talking to someone on the street or at a business meeting about your bookie price per head services business, it is likely that such person is going to jump online and search for information about your wagering operation before he actually become part of your client portfolio.

If you tell a player something in person, and he discovers things online that are different than what you told him, chances are that he will change his mind because he will feel that you are being deceitful.

For this reason, your spoken words should always match your online background on sites where sports bettors get together.


Important Facts to Remember

When it comes to your online reputation, you must consider that:

Around 92% of players trust the opinions posted online by other players.

Players that use social media are likely to speak well about your bookmaking business and even recommend you to others if they feel that they are pleased with the service you have provided to them.

When it comes to the web, the worst case scenario for your bookie pay per head business is to get stuck in the middle of a bad brand buzz.

This is because it will take a long time for you to clean your image, especially because you will be likely unprepared to face such a crisis.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Here’s a list of the most significant Do’s and Don’ts:



When communicating a message related to your bookie sportsbook operation, always remember to be funny, respectful, engaging and helpful.

If you make a mistake related to a status update on Facebook or Twitter for example, make sure to delete the tweet or the FB post as soon as possible, and also offer an open apology.

If you have other people working for your bookie price per head business that can contribute a few extra apologies, try to encourage them to help you with the matter in order to strengthen your corporate image.


The Don’ts

Don’t be inconsistent with the message that you are trying to transmit to prospective clients and your overall online audience. For this, make sure to develop a communications plan in order to ensure that your message is consistent across all channels.

Don’t attack your critics! When someone criticize your bookie price per head services, do not take the wrong approach and attack the person.

Instead, listen to what the individual is saying and offer a response that can be considered as sympathetic by the displeased person.

Also, do not offer automatic responses! When someone is talking to you online and you offer an automatic response originated by a monitoring tool, chances are that people are not going to take your bookie price per head business seriously.

One thing is to use a special tool in order to send a status update to a different social media sites, and another one is to use a tool to respond automatically to a single comment or request.


Taking these facts and recommendations into consideration will certainly help you to keep a healthy, positive online reputation that will indeed make it easier you to acquire new customers for your bookie operation.

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