Bookie Tips: Creating E-Business Cards with SnapDat

When you are outside recruiting clients for your bookie price per head operation, sometimes providing your contact number or emailbookie-tips-creating-business-cards-snapdat to someone it’s just not going to cut it.

Instead, you need to take a more professional approach by sending an electronic business card with all of your bookie contact details included in it.

Here is some great information about SnapDat, a FREE top application for iphone that can come handy in order to create and send your electronic business cards.


Bookie Tips: SnapDat’s Details


Send and Receive

With SnapDat you are able to send an electronic business card simply by launching the app, selecting your card and sending it. It’s that simple and convenient.

If the prospective client of your bookmaking price per head operation also has SnapDat, then you can simply send your card to that particular individual from app to app.

On the other hand, if the person doesn’t have the app or uses an android smartphone, you are still able to send your card via email, allowing the person to receive all of your data, including your picture and links.



Since it is a true fact that first impressions always count, you must try to present yourself and your contact data in a way that goes according to the present moment.

It doesn’t matter if you are at an important event surrounded by prospective customers for your bookie Pay per Head company or if you are at a casual social outing, you can always send the very same info to a variety of people using a different design as there are more than forty available.

These designs have their very own style, including the layout of the card, the background and the font.

Also, SnapDat makes it possible to even add a logo to your card, making your creations more life-like.

Whether you want to send a business card that is trendy, casual or more professional, SnapDat offers it all.



Apart from allowing you to pick your own designs, you can also create custom cards with information that is intended for a specific type of person.

For example, you can create a data template for prospective clients of your bookie Price per Head Services operation, one for sub-agents, and one for other type of business partners.

When you get in touch with any of these individuals, you can just pick your design, grab the right data template, put it together, and send it.

You can always do the process manually, though since SnapDat allows you to create as many electronic business cards as you want, you can just create a fixed card for each type of person and store it in order to automate the process and save you some time.


Co-Worker Cards

At any given time, you might find yourself talking to someone that want to join your bookmaking portfolio, but it just so happens that the person is from a different area where you actually have a sub-agent.

Instead of providing that person with your personal electronic business card (you can do this in addition in order to look even more professional), you can provide the prospective client with the information of your sub-agent using a card that you previously created.


Links, Links, Links

If you have a marketing website in order to promote your bookie price per head solutions and are also active on social media sites, these are certainly links that you want to share with prospective clients and other people of interest.

When you add a link to a physical business card, people need to enter that information manually later on when they get access to the internet, but SnapDat is clearly more efficient as it allows you to add your favorite links to your virtual presentation card so people can just click on it.


As you can see, to work with an electronic business card is certainly a great idea for you as a bookie, especially because you are likely constantly on the move and need to look as professional as possible all the time in order to close deals.

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