Bookie Tips for Players: How to Bet Teasers

On this bookie tips article, we briefly explain how bet teasers work in order to provide players with useful information that can come bookie-tips-how-bet-teasershandy when they’re playing their bets.


Bookie Tips: How Teasers Work


This wagering type is offered in basketball and football by the bookie, and it is somewhat similar to parlays, as you need all of your teams or selections to win in order to collect.

When there is a tie on a teaser, most bookmaking agents will grade the full bet as a loss, although there are a few that might lower the number of teams in the wager, therefore, it is convenient that you ask about this when you decide to deal with a particular bookie.

There is a big difference between parlays and teasers however, as a teaser wager allows you to play with the betting line of a given game, either increasing it or decreasing it in order to give you an advantage over the original line posted by the price per head bookie.

When it comes to teasers on hoops, the spread can be moved 4, 4.5 or 5 points. A teaser on basketball can be made of 2 to 10 teams, although this might vary depending on the bookie or sportsbook you are dealing with, as most will limit teasers to only 6 teams.

In football, a player can choose to move the betting line either 6, 6.5, 7 or even 10 points, but the payoff is reduced by every half a point the bettor takes.

For example: Let’s say that there is a game where the Jets are -10 against the Patriots: here, bettors have the option of moving the line either up or down, in this case, the player is dealing with a 6 point teaser on New York going down, which means that the line becomes a -4 instead of the original -10.

If the final score on the game was Jets 40, New England 33, this 6-point teaser turns into a winning wager, as when you subtract 4 points from New York, the player still beats the Pats’ 33 points.

However, if the player had taken the line as it was with the -10, he would had lost the wager he placed with his price per head bookie, as the new score changes in favor of New England,  Jets 30, Pats 33,

As supposed, the payout for a teaser is lower than that one of a parlay due to the advantage you are given.

When handled properly, teasers can make players some good cash, though it is necessary to pay attention to certain elements that can truly make the difference, including the amount of cash you are laying on each teaser, how often you play them with your price per head bookie, and the quality of picks on each teaser.

Take a good care of these details, and you will be on your way to acquire some good earnings.

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