Bookie Tips: How to Run your Online Business

Creating a pay per head bookie website allows you to expand your betting operation considerably, but to be successful, you must

know how to manage your online business properly. Here are some tips that can help.


Be a Bookie with a Good Reputation


The first thing that you want to do when starting a price per head online bookie business is to build a good reputation. This means that you must always pay your clients on time and never miss a single payment. When you fail to pay a client, especially one that you acquired over the internet, your reputation as an agent can really go on fire really quick since online players usually frequent betting forums where they post their experiences with web agents and regular sportsbooks.

You can either be the bookie that always pays his clients and get some positive comments on forums, or you can also be the agent that never pays and continues to accumulate negative feedback.


Create an Agenda of Go-To People

If you are not a webmaster, but you do know how to handle the basic aspects of your bookie site, you might not really need to hire full-time personnel to run your online operation. Instead, create an agenda of go-to individuals that can be at your service when you site requires a quick fix or a major re-structuring job.

For example, you really cannot afford your site to suddenly go down and remain that way for too long because that has a very negative impact concerning your bookie site’s PageRank, so you must have a contact that can lend you at hand immediately in order to avoid such a problem.


Working with Associates

Since you’ve created a sportsbook bookie website in order to expand your betting services to other areas besides the one where you reside, it might be a good idea to work with associates from other regions whom can act as sub-agents for you. This can really facilitate things because such people can be in charge of collecting on losing bets and pay off the winners.

To work with associates is quite advantageous because they can be your face on the areas where you are currently finding new clients. Although a wagering operation requires agents to trust new players, it is always better to deal with things in person than strictly over the internet.

If you decide to work with sub-agents, you can pay them either by giving them a commission over the money they bring you on a monthly basis or you can also pay them a fixed salary. This of course should be worked out as a mutual agreement between you and every associate.

You can start working with a sub-agent once you have acquired a given number of clients on a certain area as it is not worth your time to work with an associate when you just have a couple of new clients on a certain community.


Handling your Online Clients

When you have just a couple of clients on an area and no associates are needed, you must to find a way to built trust because you as a bookie are risking not getting paid for lost bets. You can tell your new customers that as a sign of good faith, they won’t ask for credit during a certain period of time as this can ensure that you are dealing with people that pay their debts.

You must also have zero tolerance when a client fails to pay for a lost wager for the first time. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, such as old clients whom are just short of cash at the moment. This is a task that requires your good judgment, so try to be as picky with the players that you make an exception for.

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