Bookie Tips: Improving User Experience

When a player wishes to do business with an online pay per head bookie, he wants to get the full package:bookie-tips-improving-user-experience

This includes in-depth information about the sportsbook services offered, reviews, client support, and even a forum where bettors can talk with other bettors.

In other words, they want a full-blown UX experience, which starts from the bottom up.

Starting by picking the correct CMS or content management system, to live bookie price per head services support, the actual key to keep players satisfied and happy is to provide them with the info they are looking for, at the time they need it.



Bookie Tips: Factors


Here are the top factors that can help you improve your business’ UX experience.


Factor 1: Create a Responsive Site

Your bookie price per head site is where prospective clients engage with your brand.

For this reason, you want to count with a website that is responsive and intuitive, instead of one that is full of static webpages.

Your bookie pay per head website should also be mobile-ready, which means that that it must be accessible from smartphones and tablets.

Also, when a prospective customer visits your bookie site, he must be able to find the valuable content he is interested in right away instead of having to spend a long time looking for it.

It is recommended to use heatmap analytics and similar tracking systems in order to verify what are the areas of your bookmaking website which are most frequented by visitors.

With this information at hand, you will know exactly where to add the most significant content in order to make it more visible.

Nowadays it is not really necessary to pay lots of cash in order to come up with a responsive site. In fact, a CMS such as WordPress can provide you with the kind of responsiveness which you are looking for since it features a variety of plugins that you can use according to your personal needs.

If you like WordPress, you can also check similar alternatives such as Squarespace or Wix.


Factor 2: Using Descriptive Visuals

Once you have optimized your bookie sports betting website, the next step is to direct your attention to content.

You should try to provide a visual representation of the bookmaking solutions which you offer, and a good CMS is the perfect tool in order to serve up this kind of content, which includes things such as manuals, instructional videos and more.

Spend some time creating some nice videos where you provide information about your bookie services. This is a great idea since it gives prospective clients the chance to see what you have to offer without the need of reading a document or an article.


Factor 3: Social Media Engagement

Social media is probably the most effective tool for online bookie businesses since the arrival of 800 numbers.

Places like Facebook or Twitter allows you to engage with prospective and current customers at no cost for either the bookie or the player.

Make sure to always keep an eye on your social media profiles to encourage recurrent dialogues with clients in order to get the kind of feedback that can allow you to improve UX experience.


Factor 4: Live Client Support

When a client visits your bookie price per head website, he must find the information that he’s looking for right away. Otherwise he will just click the back button on his internet browser and probably won’t return again.

Make sure that you add a live help window on your site, and make it accessible through your smartphone so you can always respond to live requests.

By doing this, it will be easier for you to get conversions you would have otherwise lost.

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