Bookie Tips: Leveraging Resources for your Business

Getting products or services instead of cash for your bookie solutions can be quite beneficial for your business; however, it is important to know when to accept them, and how to use bookie-tips-leveraging-resourcesthis strategy.


Bookie Tips: Products or Services Instead of Cash



If you are part of the sports betting  industry, it is most likely because you want to make cash, but sometimes it is a good idea to take products or services from your players.

You may be thinking that getting anything but money from your clients is not going to work for you because you need to pay for things such as your own office space, your direct employees, price per head solutions, and even web hosting for your marketing website.

But leveraging resources truly has its perks, that is, when you think about it in a creative way. In fact, sometimes these products or services can be of a higher value than the cash a given client was going to pay you.

What’s most important is to start using any services or products that players can provide you with strategically in order to help your bookie business grow.

How can you do it? Simple: by using what your customers give you in order to exchange it for other stuff that can be beneficial for your bookmaking business.

Here is an example: Let’s say that you have a player that is unable to provide you with hard cash at a given time, but he offers you a brand new iPhone.

If you accept the iPhone, you can use it as a free giveaway in social media, and someone will get it after doing a raffle amongst the people that has liked your facebook page.

That way, you can expand your social media presence, and chances are that you’ll also pick a few clients out of the deal.

This is just a small example of how you can use products or services that are coming from a client, but the possibilities are endless. It really all depends on what a given player has to offer, and how you can use what is being offered to you in order to help your bookie business.

With that said, it is important that when you implement this strategy, to avoid overdoing it. Choose when it is wise for you to get products or services, and avoid promoting this way of paying you among your players.

And, when you do accept anything but cash, tell the player that this is an exception, and that you are doing it as a personal favor, and ask the individual not to comment about it to other players as this can seem unfair to other sports bettors.

In fact, just get products or services when they’re offered to you, and avoid asking for them.

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