Bookie Tips: Managing Clients More Proficiently

The success of your career as a freelancer pay per head bookie depends on how well your clients are being treated, and here we havebookie-tips-managing-clients-proficiently some useful advice that can help you manage your customers in a more proficient way.


Bookie Tips: Be in Constant Contact


Although using bookie price per head services will cover all things related to client management, you can always take a few minutes in order to get in touch with your customers as that will help you to be perceived as a concerned bookie.

Remember, staying close to players is one thing and harass them is a very different one, therefore, make sure that you keep in touch while keeping your distance.


Apply the VIP Treatment

Do you work with some players that are fond of some heavy action? Then these are the key bettors that are probably bringing the most profits to your bookie operation.

They are also certainly the kind of clients that you want to keep satisfied because the moment they feel mistreated; they will most likely move on to place their bets with someone else.

Although heavy players lose big bets on a constant basis, they certainly don’t like to be considered losers, and by treating them like VIP’s, you can certainly prevent them from not betting when they’re feeling low.

In order to avoid this, set such bookmaking players apart from the rest and list them as VIP’s. This means that you will have to put an extra effort into trying to please these clients, but at the end of the day it will all be worth it.

You can be sure that you when you go the extra mile, your VIP customers won’t forget it.


Pay Them on Time

Regular players enjoy betting, but what they love the most is getting paid when they win, therefore, make sure that paying your clients on time is going to be a priority for you.

If you can’t pay a Sports Betting customer when you have to, you are not only running the risk of losing his action, but it is likely that such player is going to spread the word around and that will make it even more difficult for you to get new clients, especially if the person you couldn’t pay to is a bettor from your community.


Offer Credit

As a bookie, you probably are picky when it comes to choosing your clients because you don’t want to deal with people that won’t pay you when they lose a bet. Being selective ensures you that you will always be able to collect your earnings and also allows you to offer credit.

By offering credit to your clients, you can prevent players from not wagering when they are out of cash and you can also secure their business for a while.


Serve as a Wagering Consultant

There are many people out there that will love to place some bets but they just don’t do it because they don’t know how and are afraid of losing their money easily. You can turn those undecided individuals into new clients by offering them your services as a wagering consultant.

This means that you can teach them everything about wagering types, payouts and all things related to placing a sports bet so they will feel more comfortable when handling their cash to you, and in case they lose, they won’t feel as if you are taking advantage.

Also make sure that you teach your prospective customers how to place a bet over the phone and how to do it over the internet.

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