Bookie Tips: How to Network for Business Purposes

For a lot of bookie entrepreneurs, networking is definitely a frightening process. This is because it involves getting closer and talking to bookie-tips-network-businesspeople that it is unknown to them.


Bookie Tips to Help You Network


If you are one of these bookmaking agents that is not fully sure about how to network, here are some useful tips that can help.


Know What you Want

When it comes to your bookie business, you really need to focus on networking with people that can bring you some type of benefit.

Also, try to visit events related to the sports betting or gambling industries where you will find alike people that can become part of your professional network in the future.


Elevator Pitch

Don’t worry, this is nothing complicated, it is just a prepared introduction that can help you feel more comfortable when you are explaining someone exactly who you are, what your functions as a bookie are, what you are seeking as an entrepreneur, and of course, why you are different than other sportsbook services providers.

With that said, this elevator pitch must be no longer than two minutes, so when creating it, make sure that you can include as much information as possible which can be transmitted to others in that short length of time.



Although you priority is to network with people that are directly involved with the gambling or sports betting industries, it is also very important to network with other type of professionals that can benefit your bookie business.

In order to do so, you can consider the option of becoming a volunteer in charitable organizations.

This is because many influential business individuals are fond of joining this type of organizations, and when you decide to also joining them, you can get closer to people that can benefit your bookie start-up, allowing you to networking with them.


Ask Questions

It is a fact that people truly enjoy talking about themselves. When you are talking to someone that you want to network with, get them to start talking, and then, smoothly, take the conversation on the direction of your areas of interest.


Look The Part

If you want to network with people that is part of your industry, it is important to recall that your clothes says a lot about you.

For this reason, when you are about to meet a person that can benefit your bookie organization, try to find as much information as possible about that individual, and dress in a way in which you feel that person is going to feel more comfortable with you.


Be Memorable

When you are outside, make sure to always carry some business cards, and offer them to as many influential individuals as possible. The goal is to get people to remember you even when you are not there.


Shake Hands

People will be more open to listen to what you have to say and network with you if they like you. So, try to always carry a smile, and also offer a handshake while looking at the other person in the eyes.

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