Bookie Tips: Secrets to Attain Success

If you are a bookie that just acquired pay per head solutions but who is still wondering what are the other secrets that experienced bookie-tips-secrets-successagents are using to remain successful, here are a few of the most important ones.


Bookie Tips: Don’t be tricked by your thoughts


When it comes to remain competitive as a sportsbook bookie (especially in areas where competition tends to be quite aggressive), it is easy to come up with defeating thoughts that can slow agents down. To remain positive is the best way to remain alert to new business opportunities. If you think you can do it, the world will conspire to make it happen for you.


Ask for Help

Counting with top price per head services certainly makes things easier, but there are areas where a bookie might need to improve, and asking for help is always a good idea.

For example, if you are an agent that is finding it difficult to get new customers on the street, try to partner with someone that is good with words and most importantly, that can sell the concept of your business. If you find the right individual to assist you, you will be increasing your chances for success considerably.


Reward Loyalty

Sure, maybe you have 100 clients or more, but there are a handful of those customers that play with you on a constant basis and for that reason, they are the ones that should be treated as VIP’s.

Use your bookie software to add information on free plays for such players, give them credit, sending them special gifts according to their personal likings, etc. The important thing is to make such clients feel comfortable with you in order to avoid losing their wagering action.


Be Passionate

Sometimes people confuse passion with over-excitement, but when it comes to running a betting operation, passion is actually synonym with compromise and full commitment. When you realize that you are a bookie that can’t really stop growing your business, is when you can really call yourself a devoted agent.


Be Cheerful yet Professional

When you want to acquire new clients and keep the ones that you already have, you need to learn how to balance your cheerfulness and your professionalism, which are the two traits that are needed to take your wagering operation to the next level.

Make sure that you keep things as casual as possible without confusing the kindness of a client for a friendship. It is likely that you will end up making friends with some of your customers, but some of them just want to keep a professional relationship with you.

You can be Picky

Although you might be just starting with your Sports Betting bookie career, you can always be picky when it comes to new clients. If you accept to take bets for someone that later turned into a difficult client for any given reason, the truth is that you can always decide to say no when the cost of dealing with a customer is greater than the profit you are making from such player.


Put Time Aside for Yourself

Working with a pph shop and committing to steadily growing your business will certainly get you closer to make your professional dreams come true, but what is money good for if you never take the time to enjoy it!

Whether you live alone or have a family, try to always put some time aside to relax your mind in order to return to work fully energized. If it is in your hands, pick a day of the week when you are not going to work at all. No phone calls from sub-agents, no collections, etc.

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