Bookie Tips: On-Page SEO and UX Design, Click to Know More

Here is some information about on-page optimization and user experience design and the elements that matter the most in 2015 for bookie-tips-seo-ux-design-click-knowyour bookie price per head website.


On-Page Optimization for your Bookie Site

On-page optimization is what you do on your bookmaking Pay per Head site itself from an SEO perspective. This means how the website is structured, how your URLs are labeled, how your metadata is managed, and of course, your content.


On-Page Elements that Matter in 2015

To know what the elements that will have a positive impact are in 2015 is quite helpful as it allows you to focus your efforts in the areas that really matter.


Ongoing Content:
The quality of your bookie site’s content is very important, but let’s not forget that you also have to do frequent updates in order to have good chances of ranking well in the search engine results pages or SERPs. If you are not able to do daily updates, try to commit to an ongoing schedule.


Heading Tags:
Utilizing this element correctly will indeed have a great impact on how the content of your bookie website is indexed by Google and by Bing (who also provides results for Yahoo!).

The pages of your bookie Price per Head Services site should include an H1 tag and also H2 tags whenever it is possible, plus don’t forget that keywords should be present on these tags, although they should look natural, not forced into the text.


Title Tags:
This element has been, and will continue to be critical, and there are 2 key reasons for that.

The first reason is because they can help you rank for the right content, and the second one is because the title tags are the ones that appear in the SERPs in bold, so they are not just relevant for the engines, but also for users.

Don’t forget that in order to get the best results these days, your title tags should include a call to action in order to get people to click on your links more often.


Local Marketing:
If you have created your bookie website in order to promote your Price per Head Sportsbook services locally, then you must include elements such as contact info, local maps and even integrate data sources such as FourSquare.


Alt Tags:
Using the proper alt tags on your pictures is also quite relevant nowadays as they allow you to rank for your chosen keyword terms in Google Image Search.


User Experience, also known as UX Design

The other major area related to your on-page work is related to the overall design and user experience of your bookie website.

This means how easy is for visitors to find things on your site. When someone visits your website and they find it visually complicated to browse, it indicates that there is some work to be done so your design can complement your search engine optimization goals.

Here are the top elements related to UX Design:


Easy Navigation:
Try to keep your site as clean as possible. This means no cluttered content and also no unprofessional design.


Minimal Advertising:
Let’s face it; people don’t come to a bookie Pay per Head website in order to read ads. When someone visits a site and finds a lot of ads on it, this can truly have a potential negative impact on their experience.

For this reason, you must think in terms of visitor value first, and then advertising.


Mobile Design:
Google Hummingbird is heavily focused on this particular element, and this shouldn’t be surprising as many people out there navigate the internet mainly using their smartphones or tablets.

This is why you should also dedicate part of your optimization efforts on improving your bookie site’s mobile performance.

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