Bookie Tips: Social Media Contests

If you wish to become a successful pay per head bookie, you certainly need to constantly expand your betting operation with new bookie-tips-social-media-contestsplayers and one of the best ways to get to where you want to be is to use social media.

Once you have established yourself within the online networking communities, it is time to see how you can start capitalizing on the connections you’ve made.

One of them is by organizing social media contests that will help you to expand your email list with prospective customers. Let’s see more about it.


Bookie Tips: Why Free Contests


When you organize a free contest using a capable tool such as Contest Domination, you are increasing the chances of reaching more and more people considerably. After someone enters your contest to win the prize that you are offering, they will immediately be prompted to share the contest with their online friends in order to increase their chances of winning and as a consequence, you can reach out more prospective clients.

If you’ve been doing your work and have been making friends with people that turned into clients, then there is a big possibility that many of them might have friends that are interesting in your price per head bookmaking services also and a good way to get in touch with those possible new customers indirectly is by organizing a free contest.

In other words, this is pure and simple word of word marketing with a twist.


Contest Ideas

Since you are a bookie who is searching for new players, the ideal contest that you can organize is one that will be attractive to possible clients. Players are likely to be interested in sports and gambling, so think of ways to combine those two main interests in order to come up with some contest ideas based on your conclusions.


Using Video is Key

Although you already have a bond with your current clients, you need to create a connection with every single person that your online friends will share the contest with. For this reason it is important that you create a video in order to make the contest more appealing to people that don’t know you at all.

Try to appear as confident as you can in your video for the contest as your aim is to let others know that you are trustworthy.
What Kind of Prizes Can You Offer?

Although a prize such as an iPad is quite appealing, the trust is that such kind of prizes are very broad and most people that become part of your mailing list just for the contest will likely unsubscribe after all is over. For this reason its key that you offer a prize targeted to the kind of people that you want to subscribe: players.

We recommend you to do some brainstorming in order to come up with ideas of prizes that players will enjoy, here are a few ideas:

  • Books on gambling and sports betting
  • Specialized Stats software such as StatAttack
  • Paid subscriptions to handicapping sites
  • Apparel with a focus on sports betting


Set a Flexible Deadline

Since you cannot be running your contest forever, set a deadline for it. We recommend you to also remain flexible about this because if you start getting the most subscribers during the last few days in which the contest is supposed to be active, you really don’t want to actually end the contest at that time. For this reason, you can set a “flexible deadline” and a real deadline.

The first is one that will become active if there are not many people interested in subscribing to your mailing list to participate in the contest when the time is about to run out, and the real one can be applied when affluence of new subscribers is non-stop.

You need to let people know beforehand that there are two deadlines as some individuals probably won’t like the idea of you moving deadlines when you find it convenient.

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