Bookie Tips: Social Media Facts for your Marketing Campaign

If you want to promote your bookie Price per Head Services online, social media is certainly going to be an essential part of your bookie-tips-social-media-facts-marketing-campaignfuture marketing plans.


Bookie Tips: Top Social Media Facts

Here are some of the facts related to social media that can help you adjust your online marketing strategies so they can work in your favor and not against you.


Written Content over Visuals

Although there are some social media sites where visuals are king such as Facebook (check info for this network below), the truth is that marketers in general agree that written content trumps visuals.

In recent studies, it has been demonstrated that original written content is more relevant than original visual assets, videos and audio.


Response Time

The time that you take to respond to someone on social media sites is also very important, including prospective clients for your bookie price per head company.

According to the experts on the subject, you have one hour tops to respond to a given person that has asked you something about your sportsbook operation.


Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

Although there are many social media sites out there, according to the experts the ones that drive the most traffic are Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, so it is recommended to focus your efforts on the aforementioned networks.


Communication Networks on Twitter

There are all types of crowds on twitter. All of them are relevant to your marketing ambitions in one way or another.

Types of Networks:

Polarized Crowds: These are the crowds that are divided on topics. For example, those who are in favor of gambling, and those who are against it. There are also those who favor pay per head solutions, and those who don’t.

Tight Crowds: These are the kind of twitter users that are unified by a single topic. For example, people that love sports betting and only engage with others who also enjoy placing bets on their favorite sporting events.

Brands: These are the kind of twitter profiles that are fully dedicated to branding. For example, a twitter account for a major pay per head company that is trying to promote its name across twitter.

Community: This is the type of twitter profiles that cover issues related to a given industry without really favoring one party or the other. This can be for example a bookie Pay per Head Solutions community where all the tweets are dedicated to provide readers with the latest news related to PPH in general.

Broadcast: These are the twitter accounts for media outlets or famous people. For example, the twitter profile for a famous bookie or poker player.

Support: This type of twitter accounts are fully dedicated to provide assistance in different ways. An example can be the account of a bookie pay per head company focused on providing customer support to current and prospective clients.



When it comes to twitter, one of the favorite activities of users is to retweet stuff that they consider interesting. According to those who know better, the best time for retweets is between 11 am and 11 pm.


One Day for Everything on Pinterest

If you want to get people to check your Pinterest account, there is a different day of the week for different content:

  • Mondays: Fitness-related stuff
  • Tuesdays: Technology
  • Wednesdays: Quotes
  • Thursdays: Fashion
  • Fridays: Humor
  • Saturday: Travel
  • Sunday: Food and Crafts


Fridays and Facebook

The experts also agree about Fridays being the best days for engagement in Facebook, with Wednesdays coming second and Mondays third.


Facebook and Photos

In order to drive engagement in the Facebook profile for your bookie price per head business, the experts also recommend you to make use of photographs as according to recent studies, 75% of updates on this network are photos.

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