Bookie Tips: Understanding Search Types, Advantages

There are different types of searches out there and they all can benefit your price per head bookie site. Here is some related bookie-tips-understanding-search-types-advantagesinformation that can help you understand the advantages of search types in a better way.


Bookie Tips: Using Internal Search


There are techniques that can help you rank well in general search engines, and you can use the same ones to help your visitors find the content they’re looking for. When you have optimal internal search on your site, it can make all the difference between getting a new client or that same person leaving in frustration. If you want to implement internal search on your sportsbook bookie website, you can use Google Enterprise Search.

By using a tool like the one provided by Google, you can certainly make it easier for people to search valuable content on your site, such as the prices that you are charging for your services. Of course we recommend you to have a clean design that will make it possible for people to find what they need with just one click, but don’t forget that some individuals are fond of using a search box, so implementing both solutions is the ideal way to go.


Local Search

When you submit you bookie site to a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo, you have the chance of adding a variety of criteria that your website can be searched under. This includes things such as your address and phone number.

This means that if you submit your website with the address where you are currently offering your bookie services, then people that is looking for agents in your area will get your site on their SERP results.

According to the experts, a little less than half of the total web searches have a local intent, so proving the engines with information on your business can really make the difference when it comes to beating the local competition.

In fact, a giant like Google has taken this approach to another level: it provides results based on the location of the searches. This means that if some types “bookie” without adding an specific location, Google will still display results for businesses that are situated near the searcher ( for example, if you are in New York, the SERPs will contain NY-related results).


What Metasearch Can Do for You

A metasearch search engine is one that combines the results of different top engines into a single SERP. You can use a site like dogpile to keep track of which competitors are buying paid results and for which specific keywords (such as bookie). Dogpile will tell you exactly from where each result is coming from (likely Google or Yahoo).

If you’re wondering if it’s really necessary to use a metasearch engine to look for the aforementioned data, the answer is no, but using it can really  save you some valuable time by finding all the results in one place instead of having to visit the top search engines separately.


Behavioral Search

A behavioral search engine bases its results on previous searches made by the same source. This means that if someone is looking for information on a bookie but also uses the word “agent,” at first the results that will be displayed will be for all sorts of agents (such as realtors for example).

But overtime, an engine such as Collarity will figure out that the person is looking for sites related to betting, therefore, it will continue to display results based on past browsing history and will drop the rest, allowing the user to get exactly what he or she needs.

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