Bookie Tips: Value Critics, Choose your Players

In order to run your price per head bookie business properly, you should be able to take some positive criticism, and you must also choose your clients carefully.bookie-value-critics-choose-players


Bookie Tips: Value your Critics


Although you want to include in your price per head bookie company people that agree with you, you really want to avoid filling it with yes-men minions only.

There may be the case that some of the orders that you are giving are leading your bookmaking company in the wrong direction, so you actually need someone that challenges your opinions in order to start moving in the right one.

A little positive criticism is never bad, and in fact, you should encourage the employees of your bookie operation to tell you how they feel when they think you’re wrong.

Indeed, someone that works for you and has the courage to criticize you in a positive way is someone that you want to keep amongst your closest collaborators as consultants.

Chances are that if they provided you with some useful insights concerning your way of thinking, they can do it again in the future.

In fact, once you have received some positive criticism, this can help you to feel motivated to prove your critics that you can find a better way of doing things, so, don’t be afraid to promote this culture within your price per head bookie company.

However, be careful with the way you let your staff know that you are open to critics because there may be some employees that don’t understand the difference between positive and negative criticism.


Let Bad Customers Go

When you are starting a price per head bookie business, it is likely that you will feel the impulse of taking every client you can get, but by doing so, you are becoming vulnerable to players who can potentially take advantage of you.

Agents who have made this mistake unfortunately realize about it at the point of no return, and they find themselves in a situation that could have been avoided. Indeed, by being a little more analytical they could have passed on these clients altogether.


The Two Signs

Although to pass on a toxic client is an easy choice for seasoned bookie entrepreneurs, the decision of doing so can be more difficult for the younger generation of sports betting agents.

However, there are 2 signs that can indicate whether you should take a player or not (or let it go).


Doesn’t Pay on Time

Once you have agreed to provide your services to a player, make sure he pays you when he needs to do so.

There may be the case that a good customer is not able to pay you at a given time, and that is fine, but when you have a player that makes it a habit of not paying for lost bets on a regular basis, then that is a client that you must say good bye to.


Not Satisfied with You

If you notice that a particular prospective player is not comfortable with you since day one, this is the first sign that tells you that you should avoid such client.

The reason is because it is likely that this is going to be a client that is never going to be pleased with the bookie services that you are providing him.

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