Bookie Tips: Ways to Help you Close More Sales

Doubtless, selling is the fuel of your bookie business. When it comes to running a sports betting operation, new

players are needed constantly in order to increase revenue, and to replace other players.


Bookie Tips: Ways to Close Sales


When you are able to sell, you are able to manage the flow of new business. Here we are offering you information on simple ways to get better at closing sales.



Think about what is it that makes you buy something. Reflect on how sales people have reacted to you. Do they feel genuine? Indeed, you can learn a lot about being a salesman from your own experiences as a customer.


There are outstanding books related to sales out there that can help you master your own techniques. You can either go to your local book store, or hit the internet for websites such as Amazon and Barns & Noble.


Ask people what is it that they actually want from you. What are their actual expectations as players. You can start by asking these types of questions to friends and family members that are fond of sports betting, and using that information you can improve your sales pitch even more.


It is also important that you know what the sales techniques of rival bookie entrepreneurs are, or at least to have a good idea about it.


Some people may become clients of your bookie company the minute you talk to them, while others may take a little longer to make a decision.

If you are persistent enough, you will be able to sale your bookmaking solutions to many people that said no at first.


Avoid thinking of prospective customers as something like orders to be served; instead make sure that you think of players as human beings for whom you are able to show a genuine interest.


Try to become as confident as you can. You can do this by believing in yourself, and most importantly, by believing in the superior bookie services that you are providing.


If you are really interested in closing a sale related to a given customer, and for some reason that person has not been able to meet you in person to close the deal, don’t hesitate and go and visit that person yourself. Of course when doing something like this you must be as casual as possible to  avoid appearing overly persistent.


You must truly believe in yourself and in what you are doing. You must possess a passion for sales and for the bookie services that you are offering your prospective clients.

If you are just after the cash, then that is fine, but if you actually believe in what you do as more than a mere way to get wealthy, then it will be easier for you to succeed as a bookie entrepreneur.

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