Bookie Website: Ethics and Fairness for Best Results

Things rarely go right for unethical and unfair entrepreneurs, so if you want your price per head bookie website to help you get new bookie-website-ethics-fairness-resultsclients, we recommend you to be as transparent as possible in order to obtain long-term benefits.


Bookie Website: Offer Non-Misleading and Non-Offensive Content


Always remember to protect the visitors of your pay per head bookie website and avoid offering content that can be taken as misleading. This means that you must avoid bait and switch techniques, where the information on a given site is not compatible with the search phrase, plus it doesn’t hurt to offer content that is not offensive for most people, especially to the targeted audience.


Visible Content and Copyrights

Try to avoid violating copyrights and trademarks as much as possible. When you make use of a given photography, make sure that you give credit to the publisher. This way you will be avoiding violating any possible related spamming laws.

Don’t forget that the content from all pages on your sportsbook bookie website which are shown to the search engines must match the content that is visible to actual users.


Make sure that your Content is Fully Original

Copying content from a given site in order to upload it to another one without any further changes to the text will certainly get you in trouble with Google because the spiders take into consideration the actual age of a site, so if you are posting copied content from a site that is older than yours, when you upload such text, the bots will immediately notice that you are not working with original stuff.

This can have two consequences: getting penalized with your current rankings or getting removed from the Index completely.


Be Honest about your Background

When it comes to the about page on your bookie website, it is in your best interest to tell the truth about yourself. Don’t lie about your current skills and overall don’t make any sort of guarantees that you cannot comply with.

The more honest you are about your background, the more people will trust you because when it comes to making business, they will realize that they are dealing with someone that is not fond of telling others fake stories. This of course will help you to close deals easily because bettors will know that they can trust you their cash.


Treat Clients Equally

If you want your bookie website to have success, you need make sure that you’ll treat every single customer the same way, especially in the early stages of your business, when you clients are just getting to know you. The least that you want is to see some of your customers telling bad stories on betting forums about how you offer special deals to some clients and not to others.

Of course you can always work with a VIP plan but you must make it clear to players on your bookie website that they can get the VIP benefits only when they have fulfilled certain requirements. This way you are making it possible for everybody to become a VIP.


Know how to deal with Disputes

Although you might be running your wagering business as best as you can, you will still have some disputes from time to time.

If you want to save yourself some time and avoid receiving calls from upset clients, we recommend you to create a section on your site where you clearly explain your customers the exact procedure for dealing with any possible disputes.

You can for example create a form and get people to fill it with their comments or complaints with the promise of an answer in less than6 hours. This will give you enough time to know what to answer to a given client and will help you work with more order.

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