Bookie Website: High-Quality Traffic, Long Tail Keywords

You want people to visit your price per head bookie website, but quantity should not be your top goal and instead, you should focus bookie-website-high-quality-traffic-long-tail-keywordson the quality of traffic that you are getting.


Bookie Website: Conversions


The best visitors are those that arrive to your site and remain there for some time visiting the different sections that you have created. What you really need are conversions: people that visits your pay per head bookie website, look what you have to offer and at the end become your clients.


The Long Tail


SEO Content

When you are in the process of adding SEO content for your bookmaking website, you need to remember that you are after high conversion rates, not just a lot of traffic, and for that reason, it is necessary to take into consideration the long tail, which is a stats concept that says that low demand keyword phrases can be quite beneficial when it comes to attracting prospective customers.


Just Like a Book Store

Here’s a good comparison between the long tail concept and the inventory at a book store: a bestseller novel at a book store makes up for a small fraction of the store’s inventory, but generates about half of the store’s revenue. On the other hand, the rest of the books don’t sale that good individually, but when they are combined together, they make up for the rest of the store’s revenue.

The latter is comparable with long tail keywords as they are not very sought-after amongst browsers, but when someone does search for a long tail term, and finds your bookie website as a result, then chances are that you might end up doing business with such type of visitors because they are very specific with their searches and it is not a casualty that they arrived to your site.

Considering the book store example again, if you don’t use long tail keywords, it is the same as cleaning all of the shelves, except for that one which contains the books that sells the best (short keywords).


Focus on your Target Audience

When you are doing your keyword research for your bookie website, you really need to focus on your targeted audience, which are the visitors that can later be converted into clients.

For this reason, you need to do some good brainstorming and use specialized tools such as Wordtracker in order to come up with detailed keyword phrases that can be attractive for the long tail traffic that you are seeking for your site.


How Many Words?

When it comes to the long tail, a keyword phrase length can be made up of three or more words. For example, there might be someone that goes to Google and types: “New York agent offering sign up bonus.” As you can see such phrase contains 6 words and two great keywords, “New York agent” and “sign up bonus.”

When you optimize some of your content with that particular phrase, it is likely that your bookie website is going to get more hits for that long tail term than competitor sites, and although the traffic for the phrase might be low, it will certainly be high-quality.


The Overall Picture

When it comes to search engine optimization, you must think about the overall picture, which means that you really cannot just focus on short or long keyword phrases.

If you really want to see some positive results, you need to combine different strategies in order to make your bookie website as Google-friendly as possible, so, we recommend you to keep a good balance when doing your keyword research and when applying your phrases to your content.

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