Bookie Website: Honest Relevancy for Optimal Results

Since the major search engines are applying aggressive anti-spamming regulations, the news is out: If you want your price per head bookie-website-honest-relevancy-optimal-resultsbookie website to rank well, then you must obey the rules, which means cero deceptive tricks.

Just remember that if you apply the correct honest relevancy techniques, then you will get the results that you desire while complying with Google’s requirements.


Bookie Website: White Hat versus Black Hat


For a long time, SEO practitioners created different optimization techniques and technology in an attempt to beat their competition and get the most clients as possible. Unfortunately some of those SEO’s decided to pick the left hand path and created more and more deceptive technology every day.


There are Two Types of SEO’s:


White Hat

They decided that the best thing to do for their professional reputation and for the well-being of their client’s sites was to play along with Google’s rules. These are the ones that utilize all the techniques considered ethical within the search engine optimization community.

When someone is said to be using white hat techniques, such person is putting an emphasis in things such as relevant keyword phrases (short and long tail), descriptive Alt attributes, readable metadata, etc. Using white hat SEO guarantees that your pay per head bookie website will comply with the indexing guidelines of the major search engines out there.


Black Hat

Spamming a sportsbook bookie website is the same thing than using black SEO. When someone is making use of this devious practice, his or her site can get seriously affected and even removed from the index of a top search engine such as Google.


Black hat techniques include:

  • Hidden text and links: any text that is added to a site in order to deceive the search engine into high rankings but which offer little value to real visitors and that is only visible to the bots.
  • Doorway pages: this is a type of page that works with questionable redirection because it is created to fool the search engine spiders into high rankings while redirecting actual users to sites with a lower page rank.
  • Keyword stuffing: Adding unnecessary word terms to every single page of a site in order to get high rankings in the SERP’s. Although this is a technique that might work at first, it will certainly get detected by the search engines, which can lead to your site being removed from the engine’s index.
  • Creating link farms: these are groups of sites that are created the same source in order to add mutual links between the sites of a give group. For example, all the sites from group A will only link with those of the same group and so on.


Code of Conduct

  • Use only keywords that are relevant to your bookie website taking into consideration the full body content.
  • Keywords should be utilized naturally, in a way that it flows with the overall content of a given piece of text.
  • Redirection technology can be used to improve user experience, but Google considers this practice a trick and your bookie website can actually get penalized.


Your Site Can Get Back into the Index

If for some reason your bookie website is caught by Google during a spamming campaign, you can return to the Index in the future, but you will have to clean your site completely from any traces of spam practices and then re-submit your site to Google. You can expect to wait some time as you will have to wait in line as the rest of the people out there.

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