Bookie Website: Keyword Research, High Quality Traffic

When it comes to getting at the top of the SERP’s, selecting the right keywords for your price per head bookie website can really bookie-website-keyword-research-high-quality-trafficmake the difference. It’s seems like a simple process: just pick a couple of interesting keyword phrases and go! In reality, to come up with the keywords that can get you the results that you are aiming takes a little more effort than that.


Bookie Website: What are your Clients Typing?


A good place to start with the keywords project for your pay per head bookie website is to find out which phrases are prospective clients using. Let’s use an example that can help you get things clearer: [ motorcycles ] can be a great solid keyword for a site that sells motorcycle parts.

In this case, it is possible to use synonyms such as [ bike ] but the question is: how many people actually look for bike parts? When referring to a bike, a user can be talking about either a bicycle or also a motorbike, so this is a term with a broad meaning and that is exactly what you are trying to avoid.

The more specific you are with the keywords you use, the more high-quality traffic you will get. Chances are that your targeted audience is going to be looking for [ motorcycle parts ].

Concerning your sportsbook bookie website, we recommend you to do some similar brainstorming in order to use the relevant terms that can get you the specific traffic that you need. Remember: It’s not the quantity of the visitors, but the quality.


Brainstorming Viewpoints

When you are starting to select the keywords that you want to use, there are some viewpoints that can facilitate your work, including:

Natural language: What are the keywords I would be looking for if I was a bookmaker?

Different perspectives: What would other people call the services I want to provide them?

Client mindset: What are the words a prospective client uses on sites such as online gambling forums when they refer to the services I offer?

Industry jargon: What are keywords used by industry experts?


Creating an Outline

When it comes to choosing the keywords for your bookie website, we are not talking about five to ten terms. We’re talking about dozens or even hundreds of keyword phrases. Once you have come up with a decent list, then it is time to create an outline, starting with the broadest terms is the way to go. Then you can break your list into different categories, getting more and more specific as you continue.

Here’s an example:

Motorcycle parts

Motorcycle parts American

Motorcycle parts Harley Davidson

Motorcycle parts Harley Davidson carburetor


As you can see, this is a list that can go and on, and all of these terms apply to a site that sells motorcycle parts. Again, you can do the same with your bookie website: find out the broadest terms and create your outline based on those.


What makes you Different?

To get the attention of prospective clients, you really need to think of a theme for your bookie website. A theme is the main idea concerning your site and what makes it different from your competitors. Maybe you are an agent that is all about bonuses? Or maybe you have certain special plans for big players?

Once you have realized what the central theme of your site is, then you can add theme-related keywords to your project’s list of phrases. This will certainly help you to be even more specific about the kind of visitors that you want on your site.

Since this is a process that might take some time to develop, the earlier that you start, the better.

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