Bookie Website: Adding Keywords, Density and Frequency

If you have done some brainstorming, refined your research, categorized the terms and created targeted landing pages for your price bookie-website-tips-keywords-density-frequencyper head bookie website, then it is time to start adding the keywords.

During the process of adding your keywords, it is important to know how to distribute them, how many times they must be used and how to maintain them. Since the web is ever-changing, you must constantly take the necessary actions in order to secure your relevancy.


Bookie Website: Understanding Keyword Density and Frequency


In SEO, keyword density is the measurement of the number of total words on a webpage of your pay per head bookie website against the times a specific word or keyword term appears on the same overall body of text.

To determine density, you can do the following: If a page has 2000 words and the word appears about 46 times, then you divide 46 by 2000 and will get a density of 2.3%. The number of times the word appears (in this case 46) is known as frequency, and combined with density, this is known as prominence.

When it comes to keywords, the web crawlers are searching for the following:

Frequency: how many times a word is used on a given page of your sportsbook bookie website. If a word is used more than twice, then it is considered a keyword. It is important to know that even though Google doesn’t take into consideration stop words such as ‘and’ or ‘the’, such words do acquire some relevance when they are considered part of a keyword phrase.

Density: This one is similar to frequency, but it measures the total percentage of page content absorbed by a keyword, which has to be less than 5% of the total.

Distribution: There is some debate about how putting keywords higher on the page helps you to get a more favorable ranking, but most SEO’s recommend to spread the keyword term evenly through the text. Write as natural as possible.

Although heavy keyword usage is not recommended at all, it is necessary for the web spiders to know how relevant your pages are in relation to current web searches.

If you want to rank high in the SERP’s, you need to add the phrase once in the title and description tags, once in the first sentence, twice in the first 200 words, and a couple more times in the rest of the paragraphs. Again, the more coherent and natural your text looks, the more favorable results.


Adjusting your Keywords

One thing that you must always remember if you want to get a good, steady ranking is that you need to keep track of how well your keywords do as your site continues to develop with time. If a certain term is not getting high traffic (or the wrong one), you should look for synonyms of the term or other niche phrases that can be used as a replacement.

Also, don’t forget to test as much as possible. It is perfectly fine to do adjustments to your keywords when it’s required. There are words that will get you closer to your targeted audience and there are others that won’t, so try to identify the top performers and get rid of the ones that are not working for your bookie website.


Using Tools

If you are not very good with numbers, there are tools out there that can help you determine things such as the keyword density of any given page, or inform you on other data such as which keywords your competition is using, for example. So try to find the ones that suit you the best in order to make your work easier and become more productive.

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