Bookie Website: Creating Landing Pages for Categories

It is advisable that you organize your price per head bookie website into different categories, not only because it is more appealing bookie-website-landing-pages-categoriesbut also because it makes it easier for your site to obtain a better ranking in the SERP’s.

Instead of directing all the incoming links to your home page only, it is best if you create a series of landing pages for your different categories. For every single category that you currently have on your site, you must pick a landing page.


Bookie Website: Landing Pages Help with Conversions


When an agent manages to create a sportsbook bookie website with informative landing pages for all subject categories, the site is certainly more attractive for new visitors whom are getting their first impressions. When browsers are able to find the info they need easily, they are likely to move forward and acquire a given product or service.

The kind of landing pages that you are aiming for are the ones that are favorable for both visitors and the search engine web crawlers.

To people: you must offer the kind of content that will give them enough satisfaction concerning what they’ve found on your site that they will feel positive about returning in the future. This is quite favorable for agents because if a browser is returning to their bookie website, it means that they are probably interested in doing business.

To the search engines: like Google, a site must contain targeted landing pages, all belonging to the same overall theme, and also enough links between pages that can lead users to subsequent pages where they can find the info for acquiring a product or service (once a user has clicked a few links within your site and have arrived to the page where the contact information is located, it means that you are close to a conversion).


Pages and Sub-Pages

Google and similar top engines are in search of content with enough depth to be of interest to the majority of the browsers out there. For this reason, the landing pages of your bookie website must have a few links pointing to other pages with related content.

Every single of these sub-pages must also be created using the same exact theme of the top landing page. When you have a site with a number of sub-pages, they certainly reinforce the theme that they support and increases you expertise on the eyes of prospective clients.

For example, a top landing page on a site for car parts might have a top landing page for 4×4 cars, and then a series of sub-pages for the manufacturers and the models.


Landing Page Creation Pointers

  • Here are a few key pointers to creating landing pages:
  • The content for every single landing page that you create must be centered on its main subject category.
  • Try to create content that is engaging. This means that you must not limit your posts to only words, but you must also add pictures, video and audio that your targeted audience might find appealing. Of course, take into consideration that search engine love text, so the multimedia that you add should be used as a complement.
  • Customize the keyword terms on every single landing page in order to enhance the subject theme.
  • Include keyword terms both in the landing page and in the metatags.
  • Add links to sub-pages within the same category.
  • Don’t add links to sub-pages under other categories.

A note on link creation: Since Google is known for keeping track of links to determine how relevant pages are every single hyperlink pointing to the different landing pages must have the keywords of the corresponding page.

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