Bookie Website Software: Custom Sports Betting Solution

If you’re a sports betting and gaming agent, you may be interested in Bookie Website Software.

Bookie Website Software: Custom Sports Betting Solution
Bookie Website Software: Custom Sports Betting Solution

This is because this is an internet service pack that can make your wagering operation very competitive.

And, it is actually a very affordable pay per head solution in terms of what the bookmaking agent gets.

Bookie Website Software: The Services

Getting Bookie Website Software means that the sports betting and gaming agent will get access to these per head services and features:

  • Custom-Built
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Full Control
  • Security



The Bookie Website Software that the top bookmaker gets is fully customizable. This includes both the bookie reports, and the betting website itself.


Custom Bookie Reports

These are the reports that the bookie can monitor and customize.

They are part of the Bookie Website Software; and the top bookmaker can create custom displays of the data he’s presented with.

For this to be true, the bookmaking agent must be working with a reputable pay per head shop.

And the reason is because only a top PPH Shop is able to deliver high-quality sportsbook software for its clients.

So, in order to get this kind of product, a bookie must look for a PPH offshore services provider.

In other words, the sports betting and gaming agent must look for a price per head shop that is located overseas.

This is because by operating offshore, a pay per head shop is able to save substantial funds.

Such money is then re-invested by the PPH shop in modern technology; and also in all that a bookie may possibly need to stand out; and have a real chance at acquiring long-lasting success.

Now, these bookie reports are great, and essential to the work of the top bookmaker; because they allow him to manage his wagering and gambling operation in an easier, more efficient way.


Custom Site

A bookie may also want to count with a fully customized website.

With that said, it is Ok to use the generic websites offered by a reputable pay per head shop.

But, if a bookmaking agent really wants to get even more professional, he can request a custom site.

This is not part of the Bookie Website Software package; so the top bookmaker will likely need to pay for it as an extra.


Personalized Domain Name

A personalized domain really works in terms of marketing because it tells others that the bookie is one of a kind.

And, such website is only going to be used by the clients of the top bookmaker.

This means that by paying a little extra to the pay per head shop; the bookmaking agent can count with its own full wagering and gambling site!

This is really advantageous because it gives the business of the bookie a lot of credibility; which is so necessary in such a competitive market.


Mobile Capabilities

The kind of Bookie Website Software an agent wants is the one that is fully mobile-friendly.

This is because a bookmaking agent is always on the go. So, the custom bookie software that he uses needs to perform flawlessly on all mobile platforms.

And the same goes for the bookie’s players!

They are also placing wagers using their mobiles all the time.

So, it’s in the best interest of the sports betting and gaming agent to provide them with a wagering and gambling platform that is fully adaptable to mobile devices.


Full Control

Customization is definitely synonymous with full control. So, the best Bookie Website Software is the one that allows the most control to the bookmaking agent.

This includes control related to:


Player Accounts

The bookie must have total control over player accounts. This means that he should be able to customize them at will. Including:

Opening or closing accounts: A bookie must be able to open or shut down a player account at any given time.

This is because not all players are the same; so the bookie should be able to take these kind of important decisions according to the circumstances.

Increasing or decreasing credit limits: The bookie, and not the pay per head shop, handles all things related to credit.

This means that the bookmaking agent also needs to be able of adjusting credit limits as he sees fit.


Wagering Lines

When a bookmaking agent starts working with a pay per head shop; his Bookie Website Software is going to display the lines provided by the PPH Shop.

These lines are the product of detailed analysis by the lines personnel at the price per head shop.

In other words, the lines provided by the PPH Shop are very good and reliable.

Which means that the top bookmaker really don’t need to adjust lines at all.

Now, with that said, even though the bookmaking agent doesn’t need to adjust lines; he definitely should have the option of doing so.



The Bookie Website Software package that the top bookmaker gets must also be fully secure.

This is because the bookmaking agent don’t want to compromise the data related to the action of his players.

So, when searching for Bookie Website Software, it is important to focus on:


Encrypted Data

Data encryption means that nobody, except authorized people, can have access to such information.

So, indeed, a sports betting and gaming agent definitely wants to ask about this important feature.


In-House Servers

Now, since this is very sensitive data, it is also important to ask the pay per head shop if they work with in-house servers.

If the PPH Shop replies positively; then it means that the bookmaking agent is dealing with the right company.

If the answer of the price per head shop to this question is negative’ it means that their security protocols are not very reliable.


As you can see, the best sportsbook software services package is the one that includes as much customization and security as possible.

If you’re a bookie that’s looking for the best data management tool for your sports betting operation; consider the information above in order to take a good decision related to the most reliable Bookie Website Software.

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