Bookie Website Tips: Analyzing your Competitors

It doesn’t matter what kind of market you are trying to hit with your price per head bookie website: either niche or broad, local or bookie-website-tips-analyzing-competitorsnational, you can truly get desirable positive rankings by analyzing your competitors and applying the right SEO techniques.

Although you site is still not ranking well for a given keyword phrase, it can do it when the web crawlers start to finding your pay per head bookie website more and more relevant. There are sites that are already getting the traffic that you wish to obtain, so you must have a clear idea of what exactly you need to do in order to compete against them.

What can you do to enter the ivy league of high rankings? You can start by analyzing the competing pages that are ranking at the top of the SERP’s and take their work as a model for your own work.


Bookie Website: They’re not Perfect


The pages that are at the top of the SERP’s are certainly not perfect. Why? Well because their webmasters would need to understand the more than 200 ranking factors from Google and the other top engines, and that is not likely to be true.

However, if they are ranking the highest is because they are making the least mistakes when compared to all the sites that are trying to rank for a specific keyword. For that reason they are the model that you need to follow in order to join their club.


Getting the Facts

After you have removed all the Wiki articles and other results that can be considered as non-competitive for your bookie website, you will end up with an important list of your real competitors, which you should always keep at hand.

The 3 main categories that you need to be aware of concerning your competition are:

  • On-page: The content, the titles of your pages and the metadata. You really want to know which keyword phrases your competition is using and the way in which they are utilizing them.
  • Links: both the ones that are coming from other sites to your bookmaking website (known as backlinks) as well as the ones that you added to your pages that are directed to other sites (known as outbound links).
  • The full architecture of a given competitor site.


Get Equal, Then Set Your Site Apart

One of the basic strategies of search engine optimization is to “be a part of” before you can set your site apart. You really want to analyze the sites that have the least imperfections. Your task is going to be to try to be hand to hand with competing sites concerning their ranking factors. When you have applied your researching knowledge concerning your competition and have taken your site to the next level, your PR is certainly going to improve.

Once your bookie website is at the level of your competitors, you can then start playing with other ranking factors in order to outrank them. This is the stage of your SEO work when the real fun begins.


Using the Source Code

Behind the nice elements which are present on a given site, there is an HTML skeleton that is known as source code, which you can use to check the “under the hood” work of your competitors.

If you are not very good reading HTML, then you can use one of the many online tools out there that can read and create the statistics that you need. In order to check on the source code of a page, just apply the command Ctrl + U.

Note: Although you might not know that much HTML right now, we recommend you to learn more about it so you can handle your SEO campaigns more efficiently.

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