Bookie Website Tips: Appointing Keywords to your Pages

Appointing keywords to the pages of your price per head bookie website in order to make it more accessible to Google or other top bookie-website-tips-appointing-keywords-pagessearch engines is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy.

You really want to facilitate the work of a top engine, and you can start by making it easy for Google to know what your pay per head bookie website is all about. Relevancy is key as you want the content on your site to match as accurately as possible a given browser’s search query since this equals a high ranking in the SERP’s.


Bookie Website: What Google Views as Keywords


When a browser enters a search query, Google immediately looks at that term in its index. Here are some of the things the top engines pay attention to:

  • Pages with the exact same term.
  • Pages which have the same words included in the searched term that are not placed together but that are in close proximity to the others.
  • Pages where the words included in the searched phrase are not necessarily close to each other.
  • Pages with similar forms of the searched term, for example [ bookie website ] instead of [ agent site ]. This is referred to as stemming.
  • Pages with incoming links containing the exact keyword phrase (or the same words but in a different order).
  • Pages with the keyword phrase but specially formatted with italics, bullets, bold, large font or in the head tags.


The Keywords Tag

Since Google stated a few years ago that they were no longer taking into consideration the keywords tag because many SEO’s were abusing it by adding terms that didn’t pertained to their sites, the opinion between professionals is divided.

However, it is still recommended that you make use of the keywords tag, but in the proper way, by adding keywords that are also used in the pages of your sportsbook bookie website as doing it can definitely help with the ranks.

Also, Google recently advised SEO’s to use the keyword tag to add common misspellings of words (specially that of names and products), which means that this method still has some relevancy on some searches.


Using Subject Theme Categories

Although Google ranks individual web pages, the giant search engine also takes into consideration the overall theme of a site in order to determine how important a given page is when it comes to specific searches. As a rule of thumb, the home page of your bookie website should contain broad keywords while the supporting pages must have more specific phrases.

If you use this method, you are helping your site to get better rankings as you are using an organizational strategy that is expected by Google during the indexing process. The better your site is indexed, the more inclusion on the SERP’s.


Keywords, Topics and Themes

Another rule that you must follow is to always add your targeted keywords in the first paragraph of your page’s content.

If the same term is repeated in the following paragraphs, then that is considered a topic, and when the site has various pages related to the topic, then that is considered a theme. Google considers a site with a series of pages with informative content on the same theme as very relevant.

When choosing the theme of your site, think about which one fits your business vision the better. Also, don’t base your final decisions on your personal opinion alone.

Instead, do some good research in order to find out how browsers are searching and create your site according to your findings. This will truly improve your chances of getting the rankings that you are looking for.

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