Bookie Website Tips: Getting Familiar with Conversions

When you review the sites of your competitors, you are trying to identify anything that can give your price per head bookie website bookie-website-tips-familiar-conversionsany kind of advantage related to conversions.

This includes content that can be considered as appealing to your own readers or that is attracting links to a given competing site. Of course you are not trying to turn your pay per head bookmaking website into an exact replica of others, but there are certainly some advantages to checking what the competition is doing in order to apply that knowledge to your SEO work.


Bookie Website: Difference between Traffic and Conversions


If you want conversions, this means that you want less window shoppers and more clients. If a site gets many hits coming from a SERP for a broad term, it means that such traffic is probably from people that is still going through the researching process and are not ready to buy a product or acquire a service.

On the other hand, when a site gets traffic from a more specialized term, it means that such browsers are getting ready to turn into purchasers. In sum, traffic is all the visits that your site gets and conversions are those that become part of your bookmaking portfolio.


Return on Investment

If you are putting an effort into creating a bookie website for your betting operation, then you certainly want to get a return on your investment (or ROI). If you have a site to offer your products, then you are looking to make some online sales. If you are a writer, then you are probably looking for visitors that will stay and read your content. If you’re creating newsletters, you want people to sign for your mailing list.

These are just some examples of what online conversions are, and the process to get them can be describe as the actions a webmaster and his team take in order to get the right kind of visitors. With that said, what you really want is to get conversions, not just random browsers.


Pick your Keywords Right

The keyword researching that you do plays a big role on getting the right kind of people to visit you. A great keyword phrase for which your bookie website is ranking well will likely get you closer to your targeted audience, so it is important that you use only the ones that are getting you conversions as the rest of the terms that you are employing and that aren’t working to get clients can harm your online presence (except niche terms).


Determining Which Keywords to Keep

Here is a checklist that you can use to determine if your keyword phrases are relevant:

  • Are your keywords getting you traffic?
  • Is the traffic that you are getting turning into conversions?
  • Are your keywords getting your bookie website the kind of conversions that can be considered quite profitable? For example, if you are employing a keyword term that is getting you just a couple of yearly conversions, both of which are worth hundreds of thousands, then that is a term that you certainly want to keep.

Remember: it is better to have a site that brings ten monthly visitors with an 80% conversion rate, than one that brings 1,200 people and gets just a couple of conversions.

  • Are your keywords good for branding purposes?

Although there might be a few niche keyword phrases that aren’t making you any cash right now but that are important to the industry, then those are keepers too because they can later serve your optimization purposes. Since the internet is constantly changing, keeping niche keywords can help you in the future when they acquire more relevance.

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