Bookie Website Tips: Pay per Click Ads

To buy pay per click ads can be a beneficial strategy of the overall SEO plan for your price per head bookie website. PPC ads are paid advertisement shown in a section dedicated to sponsored links on a SERP.

The owner of a given site must negotiate with Google or other top search engine in to show their ads for specific keyword searches. PPC ads are the perfect complement when it comes to influencing your listing in the normal organic results in a positive way.


Bookie Website: The Basics


If you want to buy a PPC ad in order to promote your pay per head bookmaking website, the first thing you must do is to go to Google’s (other top engines such as Yahoo also run similar programs) paid search section and then bid on a given keyword term for which you want your advertisement to appear.

After that, Google will begin tracking the times users click your ad and will bill you accordingly on a monthly basis. In general, the top bidders usually receive the higher positions on the SERP’s (some relevance factors also play a part).


Using PPC Campaigns for Optimization Clues

You can make use of PPC advertisement in order to get clues that can help you optimize your site more efficiently in order to get higher rankings, such as:

  • Which keyword terms brings more visitors to your bookie website
  • Which terms don’t bring any visitors at all
  • Which phrases bring the desired type of visitors (the ones that get you the most conversions)

Although organic SEO is likely to take some time of trial and error to get the desired results, the clues provided by pay per click information can guide you in the right direction.


Google AdWords Tools

Using Google AdWords outstanding analytical tools can help you to collect information that can be used to refine the theme and keywords of your bookie website in order to target better terms for your pages. Using these tools certainly allows you to measure how effective your ads are.


Constant Work

It is vital to remember that PPC campaigns must be revised and monitored on a constant basis. The prices of bids are always fluctuating and for that reason you need to make the necessary adjustments to improve the performance of your advertisements.

You also need to regularly change your listings in order to remove those that are not doing well and replace them with new ones. The key is to track the keyword terms that cost more than what they generate in revenue.



If you want to create awareness of your business brand immediately, then purchasing PPC ads is the way to go. When the name of your company appears in the SERP’s for a particular keyword, people will start identifying your bookie website with that specific term, and this is great for branding purposes.

To build your brand using organic SEO will take months to get good results, but by using pay per click ads you can do it right away.

Even though your site already appears at the top positions of the SERP’s for specific keywords, adding a PPC campaign will only strengthen your branding efforts. According to some studies, the brand of sites with both a top ranking and a top paid listing do better than sites with just one of them.

Quick tip: In order to build your brand the right way, make sure that the name of your bookie website appears first in the title tag, for example: Vick’s Bookmaking – Betting Solutions for Players.

Adding the name of your site first give you more exposure and a clear sense of authority on the SERP’s, though it is important to remember that by doing this you are sacrificing some relevancy.

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