Bookie Tips: Working with Mailing Lists

Creating your own bookie blog is a great idea to promote your price per head bookmaking services, but if you really want to keep bookie-working-mailing-listsvisitors hooked to your posts and increase the number of people in your mailing list, here are a few ideas that we believe will be quite useful to you.


Bookie Tips: Offer a Free Report


Building a mailing list shouldn’t be as complicated as many think. The trick in getting people to give you their personal email address is to offer them something of value, such as a free report.

If you simply ask people to subscribe in order to get your bookie blog updates, chances are that many people will pass on that not so attractive offer. But if instead you give them a free report just for subscribing, it is quite possible that you will increase your chances of improving you subscriber rate.

Since you are interested in getting new players for your pay per head bookie operation, think of ideas for reports that will be appealing to your targeted audience. Maybe you can create a report with tips of how to wager like a professional or a report on how to get win at blackjack. There is a plethora of ideas that you can explore.


Your Free Report with an E-Course

When someone subscribes to your mailing list, they might just do it to get the free report that you are offering and then they will just unsubscribe once they get what they wanted. In order to avoid this, you can get a link in your report to an e-course that you’re also offering.

The advantage of an e-course is that you can send it to your current subscribers in parts, which means that if the content that you created is interesting enough, it is likely that people will not unsubscribe until they have received all the parts of the e-course, and this can certainly give you some extra time that you can use to try to convert those in your mailing list into clients.


Offer Referral Incentives

If you want to encourage your visitors to help you get more page hits and mailing subscribers, you can offer referral incentives. This is an excellent method to increase your opportunities of making your bookie blog more popular without looking too pushy.


Get Your Readers to Guest Post in Your Blog

Chances are that many of the people that are reading your blog have their own websites too, and they might be players themselves or know someone that wagers in a regular basis.

If you want to build a good relationship with that type of visitors, you can ask them if they want to do some guest posting in your bookie blog in order to promote their own sites with a backlink. This will not only sound as an attractive opportunity to them, but it will help you to get them to talk up about your blog to others, and that is exactly the kind of free marking that you want.


End Posts With an Open Question

Another great way to keep people engaged is with comments. The visitors that make comments on your posts are going to probably remain loyal to your bookie blog and will also remain subscribed to your mailing list.

Finishing your posts with an open question gives you the opportunity of getting more people to express their own opinion on the subject that is being discussed.


Promote Your Blog Without Pushing Your Services

If you want to go in flames really quick as someone that is just trying to get clients for your bookie business, then you can create all of your posts based on the services you use. On the contrary, you must focus on offering interesting content that will be attractive and not just marketing posts with a bad disguise.

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