What a Bookie Should Be Writing About On His Website

If you want to create a successful pay per head bookie website, selecting the right topics on which to write about is key when it comesbookie-writing-about-website to building a good reputation as an expert in your field. Remember that it is all about practice, so try to be as constant as possible and you will soon be able to reach large crowds.


Determine Who the Readers of your Bookie Site Are


A website such as Yahoo offers news and stories on many different subjects because they are targeting all kinds of different readers, but when it comes to promoting your price per head services through your own site, it means that your goal is to reach sports betting players and casino gamblers.


Demographics Do Matter

Marketing professionals always utilize the concept of demographics in order to create content targeted to a specific audience.

In the case of a bookie, he or she should create web content that takes in consideration variables such as age, gender and income level in order to define a trustworthy demographic profile that will facilitate the creation of articles that will be attractive to possible clients.

For example, a good post aimed to bookmaking players should be focused on content that will be appealing to people over the age of 18 and whom are part of the middle class.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Once you get started writing your web articles, you will find out that there are topics that are becoming your favorites, such as sports betting, and although this is a good thing because you are getting better at writing on specific subjects, you should always try to bring variety to your content as to prevent your site to become monotonous.


Brainstorm on Topic Ideas Often And Record Your Results

Brainstorming is used by groups or individuals in order to enhance creativity. This technique can be quite useful when you are trying to generate new ideas for your future articles, so we recommend you to put aside some time on a regular basis to write down your own thoughts concerning the kind of content that you want to create as to improve the quality of your web posts.

You can either do some brainstorming alone, or you can also sit down with people that is familiar with the work that you’re doing so they can also contribute their own ideas. Always write down everything that you come up with and review your list often as previous thoughts can help you create today’s articles.


Considerations for Your Brainstorming Sessions

We ask you to consider the 4 points listed below so you can brainstorm more efficiently:

  • What are the most common problems faced by players right now, and which ones you believe they will face in the future. Try to find solutions.
  • What kind of information that is not directly related to the gambling industry you think might be relevant for players.
  • If you were a bettor, what type of articles would you like to read on a regular basis? Don’t forget that putting yourself in the shoes of other people makes it easier for you to understand what they’re all about.
  • If there is a particularly interesting topic that you came up with, try to think of different versions of that very same topic.


It’s Not All About Marketing

When writing your content, always remember that it is important not to sound like someone that is just trying to sell a product as people tend to walk away from websites that are full of marketing concepts. For this reason, make sure that you will write more on fun and interesting topics than on the services you offer.

We recommend you to create one marketing post for every five non industry-related articles in order to ensure that you will enjoy a constant flow of visitors whom will help you make your website more popular.

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