Bookies Tips: Creating your Website With Squarespace

In a world that is driven by technology, to have a presence on the web is absolutely necessary for price per head bookies.bookies-creating-website-squarespace

In order to avoid complicated set up headaches, you can choose to work with a hosted service such as Squarespace, and here’s more info on what this content management system can do.


Bookies Tips: A Full Solution


When working with Squarespace, everything, meaning CMS software and web hosting, is in one place. This is much different than regular web hosting, where you have your hosting with a given company and your software with a different one. In sum, to work with this powerful tool makes things much simpler for pay per head bookies, especially for those that don’t want to get “too technical.”


Cloud Hosting

When an agent is looking to create a website in order to promote his betting operation, he really can’t afford his new site to go down on a regular basis, which is a normal problem with shared hosting (single server), and here is where the cloud-hosted services of Squarespace comes into play as multiple servers are always interacting with each other in order to ensure that if one fails, the next one will replace the faulty server immediately, guaranteeing users an uptime of 99.99%.


Stunning Theme Designs

Squarespace offers users some outstanding themes with eye-catching designs that are very customizable and will let sportsbook bookies to put their personal touch on their websites. The most interesting thing about working with these themes is that when you make a change, you can see the updates in real time, allowing you to work with page widths, colors and resize logos in a more intuitive way.


It’s Easy!

Hosted services like Squarespace are specially designed to be powerful and as user-friendly as possible. The great thing about working with this CMS is that you can always get some great support by watching their tutorial videos or by interacting with other users in the forums.

This content management system is indeed the perfect solution for busy bookmaking agents whom really don’t want to know much about how a website exactly works but who do wants the benefits of it (just like electricity, you don’t know why the light bulb gets on, but you enjoy the warmth of its bright light).


Getting Started

In order to sign up you will be required to add just your name, your email address and a password of your choice. Instead of adding your real name, we recommend you to try some separated keywords related to your business, for example, you can add “Omaha” in the name area, and “Bookies” in the last name area.

This is because when Squarespace send you a confirmation email, they will automatically set up a domain for your site taking in consideration your first and last name. So, in this case, your site’s address will be


  • Go to
  • Click on “Get Started”
  • Pick a template
  • Click on “Start with this Design” once you have chosen your favorite template
  • Fill the information required (here is where you need to add the keywords for your site’s domain name)
  • Click on “Finish and Create Site”
  • Visit your inbox and look for Squarespace’s confirmation email and click on it.
  • Start customizing your site as you wish!


Get to Try It Without any Cost

Although you are basically just paying for web hosting for your new bookies site while getting the rest of the benefits for free, Squarespace is indeed a paid service, but don’t worry, the good people behind this CMS knows that you will probably love the product you will get and for that reason they will let you try the whole thing for free for 14 days, and without having to add any prior billing information.

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