Bookies: Change Your Mentality, Improve Your Business

If you are among the group of bookies that have been handling your betting operation the same way since you began your

bookmaking career, you are probably noticing a decrease in your financial statements; especially if you are still not using price per head services.


Bookies: Get the Edge with the Right Tools


It is a known fact that the global economy is not in a good shape, though fortunately for bookies the betting world is not hurting as much as other industries out there.

Still, only those agents with the right tools such as trustful bookie software can make it to the top since players can now be picky when it comes to whom they place their wagers with and they are likely to go for the services of a bookmaker that works with a pph shop.


Market Yourself Better With a Website

When you are running a pph-backed sportsbook operation, you really cannot just sit and continue to rely on the handful of customers that you currently have or you are in risk of losing some of them and your pocket will certainly feel the consequences.

For this reason it is vital that you focus on improving your image by running an attractive website that can serve as a marketing tool to offer your services. Also, don’t forget to have a good presence in sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Promote Yourself in Your Area with the Help of Trusted People

Although a sports betting bookies website can help you get clients from places that are located away from the area where you live, it is also quite important that you establish yourself as the top agent in your community.

We recommend you to create presentation cards and give them away to those you trust so they can pass them on to people that might be interested in placing wagers but that don’t know who to go to.

A good idea is to create a good relationship with the owners of local sports bars as many players are frequent visitors of these places and the owner of the bar can help you pass on your presentation cards (you can even split profits in order to make it more interesting).


Create your Own Promotions

One of the secrets of online casinos and bookies to attract new players is to offer special deals or bonuses to new customers in order to get players hooked. You can also come up with your own promos in order to make your services more attractive to prospective clients.

Don’t forget to also offer bonuses from time to time to your regular customers in order to keep them coming to you for their wagering needs!

Some ideas for promos that might work for you includes offering a new client a given percentage over their first deposit or granting your existing players some free bets (a $10 two-team parlay on the house for example).


Learn From the Past and Focus on the Present

In order to run a successful business, you should always take in consideration the philosophy of Zen, which states that you must always live in the present instead of always thinking about the past or focusing on the future, which you don’t know.

By doing this you can always keep your mind in your current business matters and this will help you to take better decisions that will make your betting operation better in the future.

Of course it is always important to take a look at the past, but never cling on your stored memories and instead try to remind yourself that you are just looking back because you don’t want to make the same mistakes.


Be Competitive but Don’t Bash The Rest

Although you might be one hundred percent sure that you are offering better solutions than other local bookies, try to not put the competition down when you are trying to get new clients as people will trust you less when you do that since they will think that you are just using word games to take the business from others.

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