Bookies: Using an External Office to Meet With Players

Although using price per head services allows bookies to live a stress-free lifestyle by running things from their own homes and without being attached to a 9 to 5 daily schedule, there are times indeed when counting with some private area to conduct business is necessary, and here’s why we believe agents should consider the advantages of independent office space.


 Bookies Tips: Conduct your wagering operation in a more professional way


Bookies that are working with a top pay per head shop certainly don’t need an office outside their homes to check on the current status of their clients or their sub-agents using their sportsbook software, but when it comes to meeting with a prospective new client, things are different.

When bookies have kids or live in a place with many people, it is simply not a good idea to use the home as a meeting place. Instead, agents can consider the possibility of having access to some office space where they can have a sit down with players and explain them the concepts of their wagering operation without any external interruptions.


Shared Office Space

Counting with your own office space away from home doesn’t have to be synonymous with an expensive cost. Since you will not be using such external office often, your best bet is to partner with another freelancer who’s in your same position and rent an office between the two.

Of course that it is in the Sports Betting bookie’s advantage to share the office with a person that will be using it on a frequent basis and just pay just a portion of the full rent and not half of it. Alternatively, bookies can also share the office with more than one freelancer and reduce the overhead cost even more.


Pick a Strategic Place

The ideal place for your temporary office will be one that is located nearby places which are frequented by bettors. If you can land a small place on top of that famous local sports bar, then that will be the ideal location for sure. If you are planning to share the office with someone else, make sure that the area that you pick will be favorable for all parties involved.


Make Sure Your New Office has the Basics

Since you are not going to spend too much time on your temporary bookmaking office, you really don’t need to have advanced equipment or anything of that sort. In fact, all you will need is a place that has access to the internet and a phone line. Those are the two basic amenities you should need when you have an appointment with a prospective customer.

You’ll certainly need the internet (bring your own laptop) to show others the website where they’ll be able to place wagers and the phone you can use to test-call the offshore call center in order to show the possible client how easy it is to place their bets that way (you can also use your own mobile for this purpose, but a landline will doubtless look more professional).


Re-rent an Office!

Optionally, you can also rent an office all by yourself and re-rent it to other people with the condition that they let you use it when you have to meet with someone. This has the great advantage of allowing you to count with an external office away from home without really having to pay for it since you can use the cash that your tenants are giving you to pay your own landlord.

If you decide to go this route, just make sure that the person (s) you will be re-renting the office to are OK with the business you conduct in order to keep your wagering operation as discreet as possible.

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