Bookies Tips: Top Social Media Apps

Having a presence on web networking sites is essential for bookies who are trying to promote their price per head bookmaking bookies-tips-top-social-media-appsoperation, and when it comes to managing things better, there are a few key social media apps out there that are easy to use and that can really make the difference.


Bookies Tips: Ping.FM


If you are part of the pay per head bookies whom utilize social media sites heavily, this is the perfect tool for you because if you have a lot of accounts, Ping.FM allows to link them all to one source, which allows the user to post the same update to all of his networks with just a single click of our mouse.


Pay With A Tweet

This app helps bookies to give their Twitter authority a boost while promoting their updates at the same time. If a bookmaker has a great article that he wants to share with his network, he can make it available to others for the price of a single Tweet. This means that as soon as a user tweets about the article, that person gets instant access to such content for free.

Sportsbook bookies can for example, create a pdf document with special promos for new clients, and those whom want to take advantage of it, just have to pay with a tweet to have access themselves to the pdf and therefore the promotions contained in it.



If you have multiple Facebook pages or twitter accounts, this app makes it easier for you to have a better control over all of them. For example, if you are one of the bookies that have separated pages for your sports betting business and your racebook operation, then you can use hootsuite to prevent uploading content to the wrong page.


Just Unfollow

If you’ve been getting many twitter followers lately that seem usefulness for your business purposes, you can always delete them. The interesting fact about justunfollow is that it comes with great filters that allow the user to separate his user base from unwanted followers in an easy way.


Bizo Switchboard

This app is certainly more than a just a simple link shortener for Twitter as when bookies publish a URL, Bizo Switchboard creates a bar with the bookmaker’s Twitter account name, a follow button and the info for the tweet when someone clicks on the short link.

This certainly makes it easier for agents to add more twitter followers to their accounts, and what is best; the bar that pops up can be customized with different colors to match the appearance of the bookie’s twitter page.


Check Usernames

You will probably going to be using this application just a handful of times, but it is certainly a link that is worth to have in your personal bookmakers. Checkusernames allows bookies to check if a username is available in more than 150 sites with just a single click.

This tool is quite valuable if you are an agent that is trying to launch a marketing campaign that involves using the same username in many social media sites.



If you wish to know what your competitors are writing on social media sites in real time, then Topsy is the best option for you as it allows you to add any given keyword and will then provide the user with fresh content that matches the person’s search. Another great thing about this app is that bookies can also set email alerts for those keywords which they consider relevant at the time.



This one is a score dashboard for social media sites. Although the application analyzes the social media influence of bookies and assigns them a special score based on things such as post reach and other stats, the main benefit of Klout for agents whom are looking to network with people within the gambling industry is that it shows a special catalog of top influencers on different areas (including betting), which makes it easier to get in touch and follow popular social media accounts.

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