Bookies and the Type Players They Deal With

Every person has a different personality, and for that reason, pay per head bookies should provide players with individualized bookies-type-playersattention. Here we have a list of the different types of clients and some hints on how to spot them.


Bookies Info: The Low-Tech Player


If you are explaining a client about the advantages of betting using mobile technology and he seems confused and maybe a little disoriented, then you are probably dealing with someone adverse to all-things-high-tech.

The good thing about this type of player is that he will likely rely on your word about how good the service is and will generally follow your advice blindly.


The Paranoid Player

Some players love to bet but they really don’t like anybody knowing that they are dealing with sportsbook bookies because of possible lawful consequences or because they hide the fact that they bet from their spouses. For that reason, they will always try to be as discreet as possible and will even speak with a low voice when they get in touch with their agent or the price per head shop to place some wagers.


The Uninterested Player

There are many players that know their game and are savvy when it comes to placing bets, but there are also other kinds of bettors that just wager for fun without really considering the possible outcome of their latest bet; these are the disinterested ones. A positive aspect about this kind of players is that they will rarely give you a hard time.


The Hands-On Player

There are many bettors whom are frustrated bookies, and those are the ones that will see an agent as his equal. This type of bookmaking client is the opposite to the disinterested one but they are also easy to handle as they usually know what  they want before they call-in with their wagers and usually won’t even want the phone representative to read him the current betting lines as he has already studied them himself online.


The Grateful Player

This is the kind of Sports Betting client that will always be praising your work as a bookmaker. The appreciate player is a delight to have as a customer because they are very enthusiastic. They are usually looking to be treated the same way, so make sure that you know how to correspond their kindness in order to keep their business.


The Doormat Player

This is probably a bookie’s favorite type of client just after the grateful customer because they are usually very agreeable and won’t mind if a mistake is made.

Bookies should be careful when dealing with a doormat bettor because if an agent, for example, charges him extra as an error, even though the doormat client is fine with the bookmaker’s decision at first, he might realize about what happened at a later time and will think the agent ripped him off.


The Special Deal Player

It is actually beneficial to offer players bonuses or special promos, but there are some bettors that never hesitate to ask for a special deal every time they’re on the phone with you. If you have a client like this and is quite profitable for you, then put up a message on his betting account letting phone representatives know that it is OK to grant such client a free bet for every 3 they make for example.

If, on the other hand, the special-deal player that you are dealing with is not getting you money, then you should consider not offering your services to him anymore.


The Make-It-Fast Player

This is the client that will usually call in a rush and will try to get off the phone as soon as possible. This kind of customer can be a bit frustrating because they are normally quite demanding, so, if you are currently doing business with someone similar, just like with the special-deal bettor, you should give it a thought about how convenient it is for you to keep on serving such a person.

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