Your Bookmaker Blog’s Appearance

Most pay per head bookies don’t count with a physical office, so they rely on their web presence to do business with prospective bookmaker-blog-appearanceclients. Most agents prefer to run a blog because publishing is easy and because they can get the service for free from sites like WordPress and blogger.

Since your price per head bookmaker blog is going to serve as your card of presentation, have you asked yourself if it looks professional? Although writing great posts is 50% of the job, the other half is related to the layout and overall design of your blog.


Bookmaker Blog: Graphic Header


Out of the different parts of your blog, the header is one of the most relevant ones because it is what everybody sees first. In other words, it is like the front door of your bookie blog.

Since many people tend to rely on the information provided in the header to see if they are interested in keeping on reading more or checking other areas of a given site, it is critical that a bookmaker finds out what kind of clues he believes prospective clients will find appealing and ready to explore other areas of the blog for their desired content.

An attractive graphic header should be informative, especially when it comes to tell visitors the main topic of your blog. A header that works doesn’t necessarily have to be over-elaborated. In fact the cleanest in design the better.


A Single Sidebar

A blog with more than one sidebar actually looks cluttered, and when new visitors don’t know what they’re looking at right away, chances are that they won’t find your blog interesting enough to remain in it and they’ll likely won’t comeback either.

For that reason, again, your bookmaker blog should look clean in order to make your newest content immediately available to your readers.

Since people stars reading in the upper left hand corner of the screen, your best bet is to install the sidebar in the right side of your blog.


Images Located at the Top of the Post

An interesting picture is a good way of attracting the attention of readers as people are drawn to images, and if the pic that you posted is complemented by an informative title, chances are that such kind of posts are going to have more traffic than posts which have no pics at all.


The Less Clutter, the Better

Now that you have set your bookmaking blog to contain just a single right sidebar, it is time to eliminate some clutter from it. In order to find out what things are relevant and which ones aren’t to new readers, just remember that basically when you add a new element to your sidebar, you are telling visitors that such information is the one that they should be looking at.

Instead of adding large Twitter or Facebook buttons on your sidebar, try to  make them small. The good thing about the aforementioned social networking sites is both of their logos are well known and there is no need to add an oversized button with a line such as “visit my twitter page, click here.”


A Small Number of Adds

Sure, making that extra cash from adding some ads is necessary, but if you get excessive when it comes to placing ads on your bookmaker blog, then you should reconsider your strategies as people tend to trust more a website that looks, again, clean.

A good strategy to eliminate ads from your home page is to place them on subpages. The important thing is to keep both your sidebar and header ads-free.

If on the other hand you’re getting some good cash from your current ads campaign, you have the option of removing those which are not earning you that much and continue to focus on the ones that do increase your profits.

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