Bookmaker Site Tips: Design Rules of Thumb

When it comes to creating a pay per head bookmaker site in order to promote your sports betting business, it is best if you design it bookmaker-site-tips-design-rulesto be friendly with the search engines. Here are some rules of thumb that can help out.


Inventory of your bookmaker site’s Assets


Before you start with the construction of your price per head bookmaker site, create an inventory of your current assets. Check for the following:

  • Written stuff, including articles, tutorials, brochures, etc. Basically all the text that can be useful.
  • Videos that can be of interest to prospective clients.
  • Pictures associated to your site and those that go along with your betting operation.
  • All the audio that you can, such as original music or even interviews that you’ve done as a professional bookie.
  • All the material you gather may or may not be used during the construction of your site, but for now the important thing is that you are putting together all the right ingredients.


Research Phase

To allow you to decide which materials to put on the pages of your bookmaker site, you should work with a mix of research and planning. When it comes to the researching part, there are two sides of it: keyword and competitor research.

There are a few guidelines related to your SEO work that you can come up with after this phase and these are:

  • The real purpose of your bookmaking
  • Your website’s top keywords.
  • The amount of actual content needed.
  • The kind of content needed.
  • How your website must be organized in order to make it competitive.


Planning Phase

Once you’ve done the proper research, then it is time to enter the planning phase. With your new guidelines, you will be able to determine which areas of your bookmaker site actually need some work.

If you are constructing your website from the ground up, you can employ a site plan that can let you see the big picture of your online project. Also, don’t forget to put all of your ideas for every page on paper.

When you utilize a design approach that is organized, it will be easier for you to pair your site’s needs with the items on your inventory.


Web Crawler-Friendly Code

Whether you are putting together your own HTML or have hired an expert to do this job for you, what you really want is to write web crawler-friendly code. This means that you must streamline the code of your website in order to make their job as easy as possible.

Keeping your code clean is quite favorable when it comes to improving your PageRank. Here are some best practices:

  • Utilize an external CSS file in order to define how your website looks like.
  • Utilize an extern JavaScript file in order to retain all the JS coding.

Working with external CSS means that you will use less HTML, which is equal to smaller file sizes for your pages. This not only allows pages to load even faster, but it also makes it easier for the spiders to do their work.

If you are to use some JavaScript, you also want to use an external JS file. Just use a single line of code on the pages of your website to call the JavaScript file. We really recommend using external files for JS and CSS because this eliminates a ton of code from pages. This allows your keyword-rich content to remain at the top of the page, which is great when it comes to improve your rankings in the SERPs.

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