Bookmaker Software Free Trial Period by a Top Pay per Head Shop

If you’re starting a sports betting and gaming operation, you can definitely use a Bookmaker Software Free trial.

Bookmaker Software Free Trial Period by a Top Pay per Head Shop
Bookmaker Software Free Trial Period by a Top Pay per Head Shop

Using this trial period, you can verify if the Pay per Head services you’re getting are good or not.

And this way, you can check that you’re actually working with the right PPH Shop; or save yourself the hassle of dealing with a low-quality price per head solutions provider.


Bookmaker Software Free Trial: Features to Test Out

When you sign up with a top PPH offshore services company; these are the features you can test out during the Bookmaker Software Free trial period:

  • Mobile capabilities
  • Player and sub-agent management
  • Sports betting lines management
  • Security
  • Wagering and gambling website
  • Call center access


Mobile capabilities

The first feature you want to test out during the Bookmaker Software Free period are the PPH Shop’s mobile capabilities.

This is because you want to work with a Pay per Head company that offers fast mobile solutions.

This means that the price per head shop offers full online casino and wagering services.

Indeed, this is great for the bookmaking agent because it means that neither him nor his players will be forced to download any type of sportsbook software.

You really want to avoid downloads at all costs!

The reason for this is because when you’re forced to download bookmaking software; you can only use the tool on the device where the application was installed.

This means that all of your favorite devices must include an installation of the data management tool.

And, it also means that if you don’t have your personal device with you, it isn’t possible to access the tool.

On the other hand, if you count with great tool that is always accessible online; then it means that you can use any device out there to check the activity of your players.


Player and sub-agent management

Another feature you can test during the Bookmaker Software Free trial is player and sub-agent management.

You want to count with a tool that allows you to manage your players with ease.

This means that you should find it very easy to do things like:

  • Opening or closing new accounts: You want to have the ability of creating a brand new account, or shutting down an existing one at any given moment.
  • Editing credit limits: You also want to be able of editing the credit limit of your players.
  • Set wagering limits and bet types: You also want to have the opportunity of setting up the wagering limits for each individual bettor and gambler. And, you should also be able of allowing or banning wagering types for each player.


Sports betting lines management

This is definitely another feature you want to test out as much as possible during the Bookmaker Software Free period.

The reason is because you want to check what kind of sports betting lines your players are going to be placing bets with.

Chances are that if you’re happy with the wagering lines from the PPH Shop, your players will be satisfied too.

So, test out this service from your own point of view as a bookmaking agent. And you can also create a player account and test this feature from the point of view of your clients.

Remember that if you don’t feel ok with the lines you’re getting; chances are that you’ll also face challenges on this respect with your customers.

So, make sure to try this service as much as possible before you actually sign up with the Pay per Head shop.



A Bookmaker Software Free trial is also the perfect time to test out how secure the services from the PPH Shop are.

You want to work with sportsbook software that offers you as much security as possible.

And this is only possible if you work with a PPH Shop that counts with its own internal encrypted servers.

This means that all the data related to the wagering and gambling action of your players is always kept safe; and stored inside in-house servers.

Now, when it comes to security, you also want to verify what is the information your players must provide to get their action.

Chances are that the PPH Shop should require no more than a simple user name and password to make bets.

And this is exactly what you want because it means that the personal information of your players is never compromised.

In fact, that is the kind of data you can always keep offline, guaranteeing the safety and protection of your customers.


Wagering and gambling website

This is a service that’s for the exclusive usage of players. So, this is definitely a solution you also want to test out during the Bookmaker Software Free trial.

So, once you get your trial period, create a player account, and test out this service using different mobile devices; such as your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

You want your customers to count with an online wagering and gambling service that allows them to get their action in as few steps as possible.

This means that players should find it very easy to sign up, look for their favorite lines or casino games, and get their action without any sort of complications.

If this is the case, then this means that you’re dealing with a reputable PH Shop that offers online solutions that will completely satisfy the needs of your players.


Call center access

The second player service you want to test out during the Bookmaker Software Free trial period is the call center solutions from the PPH Shop.

You want to work with a price per head company that counts with offshore offices, located in a country such as Costa Rica.

The reason for this is because you’ll get the best weekly fees. And your players are going to receive the best possible call center experience.

This includes making calls using a toll free number, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round.

And, making bets with skilled, experienced wagering clerks.


So, make sure to find the right PPH Shop, and request a Bookmaker Software Free trial to test out all the above features as much as possible before signing up.

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