Bookmaker Software Entrepreneur: A Winning Service Strategy

Many bookmaker software entrepreneurs know that customer service is key to having success with their sports betting and gaming operations.

Bookmaker Software Entrepreneur: A Winning Service Strategy
Bookmaker Software Entrepreneur: A Winning Service Strategy

For this reason, they definitely want to improve the quality of the pay per head service they offer.

However, many of them don’t realize that to do this requires creating a strategy that takes a mere idea into day-to-day reality.

In order to gain the trust of clients and keep them in your bookmaking portfolio, it is essential for you to go beyond technological excellence, and put attention to strategic elements that can turn your bookmaker software company into a winner at the service game.

In this article, we are going to take a look at 6 main areas that your pay per head service bookie company must act on in order to achieve a true customer focus.


Bookmaker Software Entrepreneur: 6 Main Strategies


To make your bookmaker software company client-centric requires not only effort and focus, but also action in key strategic areas.

Here we are going to discuss each one of these 6 elemental areas and show you how to implement them properly.


Roll Up Your Sleeves

In business, good client attention results are not the product of what you say as a bookmaker software entrepreneur, but what you actually DO.

In order to have success with your wagering and gambling operation, you definitely need to roll up your sleeves in order to improve your price per head bookie software skills.

Good examples of this are:

  • Following up on calls you answer until a given issue has been resolved completely.
  • Support management meetings with your own stories and suggestions.
  • To hold gatherings with employees on a regular basis in order to hear their comments and suggestions.


Asking for Feedback

The worst mistake you can make as a top bookmaker software entrepreneur is to assume that you know what your clients want.

Instead of trying to figure out all by yourself what is it that your customers are looking for, try to make your customer-oriented decisions based on the feedback you have collected from them.

And also don’t forget to conduct both client and staff surveys, and to form focus groups in order to get even better impressions that can lead to even better results.

After gathering and analyzing the info, make sure to report any appropriate findings to the individuals you have surveyed and studied.

You can do this by:

  • Sending an actual thank you letter.
  • Sending an email that is not too long, and that includes all of your findings.
  • Inviting the clients that were part of your survey to a meeting where you present the overall results and conclusions of the survey.


Educating Everyone, Everywhere

Your staff, and in particular your sports betting agents, are the ones that interact the most with clients.

For this reason, these individuals are the ones that should be getting the most education so they can count with the necessary skills to present the best image of your bookmaker software and casino company to clients.

Staff education includes coaching sessions, and team problem-solving gatherings, using tools such as newsletters, briefings, podcasts and even videos.

Your overall goal when educating your staff to provide the best pay per head service possible is to combine general education and formal training.


Creating Client-Centric Systems

If your bookmaker software and casino operation is in-focused, meaning that favors your interests while sacrificing the interests of your clients, you need to change that approach immediately.

Instead, you need to be willing to put under the microscope systems that are not producing good results in order to turn your sports betting and gaming operation into a more client-centric one.

Some bookmaker software entrepreneurs tend to create in-focused service systems because they want to prevent staff and clients from taking advantage of their companies. In other words, they do it as a protective, preventive measure.

But, as a result, they get the opposite effect, and their overall client attention strategy becomes inefficient.


Developing Consistency

To be responsive, friendly, accurate and courteous are doubtlessly worthy goals of your top bookmaker software and gambling company.

The question is, how are you able to accomplish them, considering that they can carry a different meaning for different individuals?

For example, if you ask 10 different people what being friendly to a client means, it is likely that you are going to get 10 different answers.

It is for this particular reason that it is very important for you to develop consistent pay per head service standards that can translate into specific actions and behaviors.

And in order to achieve what you are looking for in this matter, you need to clearly communicate to the employees of your top bookmaker software and casino company the actual behaviors that are needed in order to meet these standards.


Recognizing Excellence Each and Every Time

Within the business culture of a successful pay per head sportsbook software and casino company, what truly gets both rewards and recognition is what gets DONE.

With that said, it is important for you to include a recognition program that contains 3 key elements:

A formal recognition program: This can be either departmental, or company-wide. And its goal must be to grant rewards to either a team or an individual that is able to fulfill very specific pay per head service criteria.

Rewards can come in the form of vacations, cash, or even something such as tickets for large sporting events such as the super bowl.

An atmosphere of informal recognition: Spontaneous, casual gestures of appreciation are what we are talking about here. These gestures can come in the form of pizza for lunch, thank-you notes, and so on.

Salary and advancement: At the end of the day, all of your employees must see some personal gain in improving their sensitivity towards the clients of your bookmaker software and casino operation.

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