Bookmakers And Networking With Google Plus Circles

An outstanding social media alternative for pay per head bookmakers whom want to create an online network is definitely Google bookmakers-networking-google-plus-circlesPlus.

This site utilizes the concept of ‘circles’ to separate contacts, and this tool is quite convenient for bookmaking agents whom are trying to advertise their price per head services on the web.


Bookmakers: What Are Google Plus Circles?


When you meet someone new and you like the person in the long run, it is likely that such an individual will become part of your circle of friends, and when it comes to Google+; the concept is basically the same.

Once you start using Google Plus, you will have the ability to separate your contacts in different circles, which is quite convenient as this allows you to send a specific message to a determined group of people instead of sending it to your entire network.


One Circle for Friends, One Circle for Clients

It is clear that the people at Google did their homework when they created this social media service as it makes it possible for bookie entrepreneurs and other businessmen to split their contacts in circles for friends, business-related, family members and of course, potential customers.

This allows an agent to keep a single Google+ account and use it for both personal and commercial use while keeping a healthy balance between the two.

Let’s not forget that you can also add the same contact to different circles.


The Advantages of Twitter

Users love Twitter because it allows them to follow anybody they want and check on their current public updates. If the people they are following are reciprocal and become followers, updates will be visible for both parties.

Google Circles works in the same way as a user can easily follow anybody they want and with the right efforts, they will also get people to turn into followers.


Unlimited Circles

Bookmakers can create as many circles as they want and they can add a max. of 5,000 contacts to each circle  they open. This makes it possible for agents to be more precise with their posts concerning to who they want to send the info to.

In the case of a bookie, he can create a circle for sportsbook clients, one for casino players and one for horse betting customers and send specific messages or promotions accordingly.


Searching for Contacts

When it comes to adding people to your circles, you can start by adding the people in your Gmail address book, but if you only want to use your Google Plus account for business purposes, you can probably skip this as your aim is to get new clients.

However if you have contacts in Gmail related to the sports betting industry, you can add those to your circles as chances are that they will add you back, and this will make it possible for you to find new contacts thanks to the suggestions made by Google+ based on your current network. To have access to Google Plus suggestions, click on ‘circles’ and then on ‘find people’.

Of course the best way to search for potential clients is to look for people with similar interests, and for this you have some interesting options:

Search by topic using the ‘interesting people and pages’ box.

Use the search bar and just type keywords such as ‘sports betting’ and then get into the profiles of the companies using those keywords and add the people they have listed as contacts to your circles.

You can also use the search bar to look for hashtags such as #gambling for example, and try to add all the people you can find using similar industry-related tags.


A Discrete Alternative

Circles offer great discretion as only the user knows the names of each circle. This is quite convenient as when a bookie is trying to get new customers, he wants to approach such individuals in a friendly manner instead of going straight to the point.

Remember that many marketers are trying to sell their services just like you, so you really want to stand above that crowd in order to be successful when it comes to turn friendly contacts in your network into satisfied clients.

So, since it is clear that some potential customers might not like the idea of getting a message from a circle named ‘future players’ for example, to keep the name of your circles a secret is certainly a great advantage.

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