Building a Professional Network for Your Bookie Business

If you are just starting a career as a pay per head bookie, building a professional network can really make all the difference in thebuilding-network-bookie-business short and long terms.

Sure, you are talented with numbers and have the necessary knowledge to become a successful agent, but it will really help your betting operation if you’re able to surround yourself with people that can make it easier for you to offer your price per head services to a broader audience.


Bookie Business: What is a Professional Network?


You can think of your network as a group of friends that are willing to help each other for professional reasons, and when it comes to building one, it shouldn’t be hard to do as you just need to keep in touch with old contacts while continually making new ones for your bookmaking operation.


Use LinkedIn

The positive power of social media to make business is certainly undisputable, and when it comes to create a professional network for your bookie operation, you can always use the help of a website such as LinkedIn, which was created especially for that purpose.


Who Can I Include?

The idea is that you will include people that you know since your college days. Remember that guy that used to place bets and was ready to become a business major? Who knows, maybe that guy is now in Las Vegas running a promising betting business and needs an expert in pay per head solutions like you to run things.

That is just one scenario about how important is to keep in touch with all the people that can help your wagering operation grow.

You can consider to network with people from:


The Betting Industry

Since you are running a wagering business, you really need to be close with those who work in similar industries as most players are fond of all-things-gambling and you might end up getting new clients from a casino contact for example.

Entertainment Venues

You must definitely include in your network the names of the owners of entertainment venues, especially those which are commonly visited by gamblers as this can also lead you to new business opportunities.



College kids love to gamble; that is a fact, and for this reason, networking with someone inside local colleges will secure you some regular players.


Online Marketing Industry

Promoting you bookie operation online will be key when you decide to increase your opportunities of getting new clients. You can consider to network with professionals in areas such as SEO, online marketing, web design, graphic design and others whom can help you create and maintain a professional web presence.


Be Genuine

Even though you are trying to build a network for professional purposes, the reality is that some, if not most of the people that you are including as business contacts can become your personal friends in the future, though for that to be possible, you will always have to remain classy and most of all, genuine.


Accept Invitations from Your Professional Contacts

If a particular contact from your professional network invites you to a private event, it is certainly in your best interest to attend if you want to cement a good relationship, plus you’ll also have the chance of knowing other associates from your contact that can end up doing some business with you.


Grab the Phone and Call Old Contacts

If you know of an old contact that can help you advance in your bookie career but you’re afraid to call because you haven’t spoke to that person in a while, grab some courage and pick up the telephone in order to dial that person’s number.

The worst that can happen is that he/she might not remember you, but if all goes well and you’re able to rekindle the friendship, then all it took for you to add a key contact to your professional network was just a few minutes of your time on the phone with an old pal.

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