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  • increase-players

    How To Increase The Number Of Players

    Most of the case, bookies begin to look for the customers from people within their own social circle. In other words, it could probably limit the amount of players that they can recruit for their business. Eventually, this will become a big challenge to get more players if they don’t...

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  • what-you-need-to-set-up-bookie-business

    What Do You Need To Set Up A Bookie Business?

    Bookie is a shortened term to address a bookmaker. This is an individual who set odds, accepts and pays off bets on sporting events or other agreed-upon games. And a bookie usually sets the game’s odds in his favor to ensure the profits. Are you looking for a business opportunity...

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  • keep-players-happy

    Bookie Tips To Keep Your Players Happy

    Customer retention is always the key to run a successful bookmaking business. As a matter of fact, keeping existing players with long-term business relationship is more profitable than only acquiring new customers. Most important of all, the easiest way to grow your customer database is not to lose the good...

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  • best-password-manager-2020

    Best Password Manager Choices In 2020

    In the previous articles, we have been talking about how important to prevent online threats by creating strong passwords. Now, we know that normally strong passwords require a complex combination of words and also need to contain a considerable length to increase the effect of protection. You can check out...

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