Changing Your Mental Attitude Towards Your Bookie Business

When you realize that when you change the way in which you see things, you will notice that those things which you are looking at change, and when it comes to running a price per head bookie business, looking at things on a positive light can always help.

Indeed, when you perceive yourself as someone with potential but that has a few flaws like anybody else, you will start running your pay per head sportsbook bookie business in a better way.


Bookie Business: You cannot Always Land the Clients that you Want, But That’s OK


Although you might be a professional with a lot of good qualities and more than enough capacity, to think that you can’t fail can put you sometimes in a difficult place, especially when you are facing some rejection from a particular client that you weren’t able to land.

When you starting thinking differently and realize that sometimes there will be some players that won’t become part of your betting portfolio, you are taking a step forward towards accepting the little things that we dislike but that are part of life.


A Challenge is an Opportunity

If you are new to the bookie business and find some aspects of your new freelancing job a bit overwhelming, try to see every single professional challenge that you are facing as an opportunity. Maybe you made a couple of mistakes, but instead of putting a dark note on your previous performance, you can actually embrace the belief that you are turning into a better bookmaker every day who is not going to step on the same landmine twice.


Think of your Business as a “Friend” and not a Burden

Thinking about the negative aspects of your bookie operation such as not getting as many clients as you want as fast as you want can lead you to the wrong way of thinking as you might start considering your business as a burden. You can of course change that kind of mentality and start seeing your wagering operation as a “friend.”

When you become friends with someone you certainly want the best for that person, and if you learn to apply that same way of thinking to your entrepreneurial job, you will be able to handle things in a smoother way.

Just like a corporation is seeing in the business world as a “person” you can too start seeing your business as a good pal. In fact, your wagering operation is not the opponent on the other side of the ring but the one who trains you and helps you to become a better boxer.


When you Get Negative, Always Ask Yourself Why

Sure, it is impossible for someone to always remain positive, but more important than the situation that is bringing the negative person in you is the fact that you can always decide to stop being pessimistic, and a good way to fight irrational thoughts is by asking yourself why.

For example, if you feel bad because you forgot to pay a client on time and the player stopped placing bets with you, you can come up with some mental questions such as why am I sad? Why do I feel guilty? What is going to happen with the business?

When you do this, you will find answers such as: Yes, I am sad because I feel guilty, but I didn’t paid the client because I had many other customers to take care of and although I will miss the action of the player, my business will continue to run normally.

As you can see, asking yourself “why” will make it easier for you to get to the root of a problem in a more accurate way.

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