Cheap Bookie Software: Ways to Market your Pay per Head Service

Once you have acquired cheap bookie software to start your own sports betting and gaming operation, it is time for you to start marketing your pay per head service.

Cheap Bookie Software: Ways to Market your Pay per Head Service
Cheap Bookie Software: Ways to Market your Pay per Head Service

In a 2.0 world, basically anyone can create a commercial spot that has the potential of being seeing by millions.

And marketing is all about giving the clients of your pay per head sportsbook software operation what they demand. When they demand it, and in the way they demand it.

In this article, we are going to present you with a number of effective and innovative ways to get your clients attention.


Cheap Bookie Software Business: Build Trust with your Clients


Some players may decide to work with your cheap bookie software operation on impulse. But the question is, will they stay? Or return, in case they go inactive for a while?

In order to attract clients, and keep those who decide to sign up for your bookmaking and casino pay per head service, you definitely need to build trust.

So, how can you build that necessary trust? You can start by considering that clients trust you when:

  • The can feel that you really know what you’re talking about.
  • You are able to provide a suggestion that leads to a real solution.
  • You are aware of what they want, and what they need, and you give it to them.
  • Keep your word, and always do as you say.

Trust is definitely something your cheap bookie software company must work to earn, but the effort you, and your sports betting agents put into it is worth it because trust returns to you in the form of client loyalty.


Tell a Good Story

To market your bookie pay per head service in an effective way, you must consider getting familiarized with storytelling.

When you’re able to tell catchy stories that capture people’s attention, you are able to present yourself as a charismatic individual.

And a good story, when told in the proper manner, at the right time, can work wonders with prospective clients of your cheap bookie software business.


Be an Effective Web Content Provider

Doubtlessly, the main reason a prospective client of your pay per head bookmaking software operation visits the website of your business is to get information about it.

They want to know as much as they can about your sports betting and gaming operation, and they want to collect that data as quickly as possible.

And, in order to provide the information that your clients may require, you really need to know who your customers are.

The tone of your bookmaking site must reflect your clients’ feelings, and they need to always feel comfortable while they are onsite.

Unfortunately, this is an area where a lot websites  for pay per head sportsbook companies fail their clients, as they can’t give them what they need as quickly and precisely as possible.

If you don’t want the website of you cheap bookie software operation to appear dull to prospective customers, it is necessary for you to offer a style of your own, and a tone that matches the tastes of your targeted audience.

In your case as a bookmaking and casino (including pph poker) provider, you are selling your pay per head service to everyone older than 18.

So, for example, your custom bookmaking website can’t include stuff that can be associated with teenagers, as when prospective clients visit it, they will be confused by its looks and feel, and chances are that they are going to leave in a split of a second.


Work with Affiliate Marketing

If you want your cheap bookie software business to flourish, you definitely need to market your pay per head service on the web.

And, an internet marketing campaign for your sports betting and gaming business must include an affiliate marketing plan.

You need to manage to convince other webmasters from websites that are directly related to your area of interest to link to you. Then you will exponentially increase your exposure, and this can lead you to outstanding conversions.

With that said, you really don’t want a link pointing to your cheap bookie software business website that doesn’t show you web portal in a positive light (for example, stuff that you don’t want to be associated with).


Mobile Marketing

Not to integrate mobile efforts to your marketing plan is definitely a mistake. Most people out there, including most sports betting and pph poker players, carry mobile devices with them.

And, it wouldn’t hurt your bookmaking and casino company to be exposed on mobiles, especially to your favorite demographic.


Give your Pay per Head Service Away

No, this is not a joke! Giving your pay per head service away to first-time customers can help you build a portfolio.

And, since you are providing an outstanding set of sports betting and gambling solutions, and are also working with cheap bookie software, chances are that most of your first-time players and gamblers are going to like what you have to offer.

And will continue to do business with you even after the trial period is over.


Make your Clients your Marketing Stars

Your best clients are doubtlessly living testimonials of the proficiency of your pay per head service.

So, why not give them a chance to shine!

For example, if you are selling your bookmaking and casino solutions to other businesses, you can consider featuring information on their own products or services on your own web portal, in newsletters, and other marketing media you can think of.


Build Relationships, Not Sales

In order to have success as a cheap bookie software entrepreneur, you need to focus on establishing long-term relationships with players, gamblers, pph poker pros, and other sports betting agents.

And you need to do it in a friendly, custom way in order to reach out to your clients in the best possible way. And get the kind of results that you want out of the business interaction.

Now, to build long-term relationships with clients doesn’t mean that you need to be calling them, or emailing them unnecessarily.

Just make sure to remain in touch with your customers (especially to those that are crucial to your success), and see that everybody is always satisfied with the pay per head service they are receiving.


Get your Clients Emotionally Involved

In order to get the clients of your cheap bookie software business emotionally involved with what you have to offer as a top bookmaker, use ads that tells a story that can become memorable to your targeted audience.

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