Cheap Bookie Solutions: What Agents And Their Players Get

By getting Cheap Bookie Solutions from a top Pay per Head shop, you can easily start your own bookmaking operation.

Cheap Bookie Solutions: What Agents And Their Players Get
Cheap Bookie Solutions: What Agents And Their Players Get

And, if you want to double your profits easily, you can also get an online casino solution.


Cheap Bookie Solutions: What The Agent Gets

When an agent signs up for Cheap Bookie Solutions, this is what’s included in a service package:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Website for players
  • Call center services


Sportsbook software

When looking for Cheap Bookie Solutions, this is the top product you want to ask for.

The reason is because this tool allows you to manage your sports betting and gaming operation proficiently.

If you’re an agent that’s not used to work with online tools; then the name bookie software might sound impressive to you.

But in reality, sportsbook software from a reputable Pay per Head company is very easy to use.

This means that once you get it, the people at the PPH Shop will take a few minutes to teach you how the tool works.

And then you’ll be ready to start using the bookmaking software all by yourself.

It’s really that simple.

If you have a smartphone, and you use web applications; then the experience of using the online sportsbook software is not going to be all that much different for you.

Here’s what you can do with this wagering and gambling software:

  • Manage accounts for players and sub-agents
  • Managing lines for sports and horse betting
  • Run your operation more efficiently thanks to custom reports


Manage accounts for players and sub-agents

Sportsbook software is one of the Cheap Bookie Solutions you want to get because it allows you to manage everything.

This includes the accounts of your players and your sub-agents. Using this tool you can:

  • Open or close accounts
  • Set wagering limits for all accounts, or for individual ones
  • Make certain betting types available for some players and not for others
  • Increase or decrease credit limits


Managing lines for sports and horse betting

When you acquire Cheap Bookie Solutions, you will get the wagering lines for your players from the PPH offshore services company.

However, you can always customize the lines that you receive as per your particular needs.

You can also decide if you want to give a special line to a given player.

And, you can really move lines as you wish!

With that said, it’s important to mention that the price per head shop counts with its own team of line moving pros.

This means that the lines you serve your players to place wagers on are great.

So, most bookmaking agents never change lines unless they really have to.

And that is because they doubtlessly trust the lines service provided by the PPH Shop.


Run your operation more efficiently thanks to custom reports

Custom reports are really one of the best features related to Cheap Bookie Solutions.

This is because these reports allows you to check everything related to how your operation is currently working.

You can actually customize these reports in order to check only the information that is more important at the moment.

And, this is something you want to do; because your operation is constantly processing new sports betting and gaming action.

So, by using custom reports, you can skip irrelevant data.

This allows you to go straight to the information that can help you make the key changes that can save you, or make you a lot more cash.


Website for players

When you work with a top PPH Shop, your Cheap Bookie Solutions are going to include a great website for players.

This is a site that includes sportsbook and casino software for players to get their action on.

This means that by working with a reputable Pay per Head company; you can save yourself the hassle of investing in software development.

Instead, you can just work with an overseas price per head shop. And obtain a full website that already includes this expensive software.


Custom wagering and gambling site

Another advantage related to a Pay per Head website for players is that you can customize it. This includes your preferred domain name and design.

Now, when you sign up with the PPH Shop, you automatically get access to a site that is used by other agents.

But, if you pay a little extra, you can get a custom sports betting and gaming site. This is great because you can customize it according to your own particular needs.

You can use it as a marketing tool for new clients. And you can even add the website name to your business cards!


Call center services

You also want Cheap Bookie Solutions that includes access to the best call center services for players.

A calling service is important because bettors really enjoy getting their action over the phone.

And for that reason, you want to offer them a call center solution; so you don’t have to process any wagers yourself.

You want to work with a Pay per Head shop that’s located overseas, in Costa Rica.

This is the country where the top PPH companies are located.

And the reason is because there is modern technology and skilled wagering and gambling professionals available.

This means that when you sign up with a reputable Pay per Head shop from Costa Rica; it’s almost a guarantee that your players will get access to the best possible call center services.


Custom 1-800 number

A great feature related to call center services from a top PPH company is that you can get your own 1-800 number.

This means that you can offer your players your personal toll free number; so they can get their action over the phone, unlimitedly.


Doubtlessly, to count with your own 1-800 number, in combination with your own custom website; and outstanding bookmaking software, allows you to run a top-quality operation without breaking the bank.

This means that you can get all the tools you need from a Pay per Head shop.

And, both you and your players are going to be fully satisfied with the Cheap Bookie Solutions from the PPH company.

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