Cheap Pay per Head Software For Your Sports Betting Operation

Getting Cheap Pay per Head Software can help you get the edge you need to become successful.

Cheap Pay per Head Software For Your Sports Betting Operation
Cheap Pay per Head Software For Your Sports Betting Operation

This is is the kind of bookmaking tool that allows agents to run their operations smoothly.

This means that once you get it, your life will take a turn for the better, immediately…

And this is because you’ll be able to provide your players with the tools they need to wager and gamble by themselves…

All of this while keeping an eye on everything, from anywhere, at any time…

Now, these are the tools you get when you sign up with a top Costa Rica PPH Shop:

  • Cheap Pay per Head Software
  • Sports Betting Website
  • Call Center Services


Cheap Pay per Head Software

This Cheap Pay per Head Software is the tool that you’ll be using to manage the full operation.

What you’ll see on the screen is the detailed information related to the sports betting and gaming activities of your players.

And you can check all the data in real time.

This means that the info you’re seeing displayed on your screen is completely fresh.

And this is definitely a factor you want to count with; because it allows you to make split-second decisions that can make you, or save you cash…

Now, this is online bookie software.

This means that all you need is to get access to the internet. So, you can just take your smartphone or laptop, login to the PPH website, and check out your data.

It’s as simple as that…

This is great, because you can basically run your operation from anywhere in the world, so it gives you enough freedom to manage your time as you see fit.

Here’s a scenario:

You’re traveling with your family, it’s a long road trip, and there’s heavy action on a hoops game…

You grab your phone, check the wagering activity, and it’s a winning day for your operation…

Checking the data took you just a few seconds, and nobody noticed anything, a win-win for everybody…


Sports Betting Website

Apart from Cheap Pay per Head Software for you, your players also get access to their own solutions…

The main one is access to a sports betting website, where they can get their action by themselves, and with full privacy.

And just as your own tool, this is also a service that doesn’t require any downloads.

So, all your players need is a login and password -which you can create for them-, and access to the web.

Then, they can login, and place all the wagers they want.


Online casino

Now, when you sign up, your players only get access to the wagering area.

So, if you want them to get access to the gambling area, you need to pay an extra to the Cheap Pay per Head Software provider…

This is really not a problem, and the reason is because this is a very profitable service.

So, your online casino earnings can actually be the source of the cash to pay the weekly extra fee.

And you can get this money right away, as you can turn your current bettors into gamblers.

And then, you can start offering your new gaming solutions to anybody, and everybody.

In fact, it may be the case that your casino operation end up being larger than your sportsbook operation!


Two Types Of Websites

Now, the Cheap Pay per Head Software provider offers you two website options:

  • Standard Price per Head Website
  • Personalized Price per Head Website


Standard Price per Head Website

This is the standard website for most agents and their players.

It’s a great option, specially if you’re running a small wagering operation…

However, if you want to grow, you may want to consider getting a…


Personalized Price per Head Website

This is a site that is going to be only for your own players.

And, this is a site which you can customize with your favorite design and name…

Needless to say, this is a great option because it allows you to create your own brand, to count with your own status symbol…

In fact, once you get this site, you can play at the same level than regular online sportsbooks.

With the advantage that you offer more secure offshore services because your players are not required to get their personal data online…


Call Center Access

Now, a Cheap Pay per Head Software provider also offers call center access…

But, if you want the best phone experience for your customers, you need to work with a Costa Rica PPH Shop…

The reason is because this is the country where the top PPH companies in the world are located…

So, working with one of these companies it’s a high-quality guarantee…

This is because your players will get their action with experienced, skilled, clerks.

These are individuals that have been custom-trained to provide the best possible service to even the most demanding players.

And they’re also multilingual, which means that you can offer your solutions to players to speak English, Chinese and Spanish.

Plus, they’re working inside a call center that’s packed with the latest technological infrastructure; so the contact with players is guaranteed to always be flawless.


What If You Don’t Use Cheap Pay per Head Software

Now, if you don’t work with a Cheap Pay per Head Software provider, these can be the unwanted consequences:

  • Taking Action: You’ll be forced to take all the action, which means that you will be short on time, all the time.
  • Getting Help: And if you don’t want to write all the wagers yourself, you’ll be forced to hire some help; and that can be very expensive.
  • Grading Bets: You’ll also be forced to grade every single wager, and needless to say, this is also an unwanted task which you can easily avoid.
  • Contacting Players: If you work with a PPH Shop, your players can go online and check the results of their wagers by themselves; but if you’re working on your own, you’ll need to contact each and every single customer…


So, if you want to get all the advantages, and experience none of the hassle related to managing a sports betting operation; your best bet is to contact a top PPH Shop from Costa Rica, and get your own Cheap Pay per Head Software now…

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