Cheap Sportsbook Services: The Essential Pay per Head Features

If you’re a bookie, you want Cheap Sportsbook Services. And that is because you want to remain competitive.

Cheap Sportsbook Services: The Essential Pay per Head Features
Cheap Sportsbook Services: The Essential Pay per Head Features

The truth is that these bookmaking and gambling solutions are revolutionary. Allowing the average agent to compete with the large names in the industry.


Cheap Sportsbook Services: The Essentials

These are the essential Cheap Sportsbook Services you need to run your sports betting and gaming operation seamlessly:

  • Trial Offer
  • Always Available
  • Sports, Horses and Casino
  • Real-Time Information
  • Customization
  • Secure
  • Ready To Use
  • Based on Actual Usage


Trial Offer

No matter what Cheap Sportsbook Services you’re interested in; you should have the chance of testing such solutions before paying for them.

This means that the PPH offshore services provider you’re researching must provide you with a trial offer.

This is because you want to have a few days to try out the sportsbook software and the other solutions.

Once you’ve tried everything out and verified that you’re using the right tools and products; then you can sign up with the Pay per Head shop.

Actually, just the fact that a price per head company offers you a trial period is a great indication.

This is because only a top PPH Shop trusts its products so much, that it doesn’t have a problem with others testing them out for free.


Always Available

You want to acquire Cheap Sportsbook Services that are always available for you and your players.

This means that your clients should always be able to place their bets. No matter the day of the week, or the time of the day.



A wagering and gambling website makes it possible for your players to get their action whenever they wish.

This is because this is an internet-based solution. Which means that it can easily be accessed using a mobile device such as a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.


Call Center

Your wagering and gambling operation also requires unlimited access to an offshore call center that works 24-7.

This is because players have no schedule to place bets. So, you need a Pay per Head wagering service that is always available.

Because you don’t want to make it difficult for your players to get their betting action, when they want to get it.


Sports, Horses and Casino

Cheap Sportsbook Services of the best quality includes services for betting on sports and horses. And they also include an extra casino solution.

Sports and horse betting services are offered to the agent as part of a standard package of solutions.

And, the casino service is offered for an extra fee.

Now, you want to sign up with a PPH shop that counts with separated wagering departments for horses and sports.

This is because this allows your players to call their preferred department directly. And that way they can get a much more personalized attention.

When it comes to the casino, this is a solution you definitely want.

And the reason is because this is an online gambling service that can easily double your profits in an effortless way.

So, to pay a little extra for it is definitely worth it.


Real-Time Information

You also want Cheap Sportsbook Services that includes bookie software reports that offers real-time information.

This means that the data that’s displayed for the bookie is updated live; as the action of players is taking place.

This is great because it allows the agent to see exactly what’s going on with his wagering and gambling operation.

Making it possible for the top bookmaker to take important decisions that can save him a lot of money.



Another top feature related to the best type of Cheap Sportsbook Software is customization.

This includes custom bookie reports, a customizable website, and a 1-800 number.


Bookie Reports

You want to have the possibility of customizing your bookie reports at will. This means that should be able to check only the data you need to check.

This allows you to be dynamic and fast, which helps you to run your operation in a more precise way.



You also want to have the option of getting your own fully custom website.

This includes a personalized domain name, and a custom skin for the wagering and gambling site.


1-800 Number

A personalized 1-800 number is another thing you want to count with.

This service can really make the difference, allowing you sign up new players more easily.



Doubtlessly, you also want Cheap Sportsbook Services that are fully secure.

This means that security is never at risk.

For this reason, you want to work with a PPH Shop that is never going to ask for the personal information of your players.

Actually, a Pay per Head company only needs a pin and password to process wagering or gambling action.

If for some reason your players are requested to provide information other than a pin and pass; chances are that you’re dealing with a poor-quality PPH Shop.


Ready to Use

You also want Cheap Sportsbook Services that doesn’t require a long learning curve.

This is because you want to make the wagering and gambling process as easy as possible for your players.

If you make things complicated, chances are that your clients are just going to look for a different bookmaker to do business with.

So, take the trial period time to test out how easy the solutions of a given Pay per Head shop are.


Based on Actual Usage

You want to pay for Cheap Sportsbook Services based on actual usage.

This means that the PPH Shop must charge you when your players use their services.

For example, if the agent has 50 players, and only 20 saw action during a given week; then the bookmaker only pays for the 20 active players.

This is very important, because there are Pay per Head shops out there that will also charge you for inactive customers.

And this is something you really want to avoid in order to get Cheap Sportsbook Services that can actually save you some cash.

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