Cheapest Pay per Head: Services Beyond Expectations

The cheapest Pay per Head services doesn’t have to be bad. Indeed, there are great, low-cost sports betting and gaming services providers that you can

Cheapest Pay per Head: Services Beyond Expectations
Cheapest Pay per Head: Services Beyond Expectations

really trust.

On the other hand, there are also bookmaking and gambling solutions companies that charge as much as possible; and deliver as less as they can.

As a top bookmaker, you definitely want to work with the former, rather than with the latter.


Cheapest Pay per Head: So, How Cheap is Cheap?

In order to be the cheapest Pay per Head, exactly how cheap a bookie software services package must be?

A quick answer to that question is that the affordability of a Pay per Head solutions pack is directly linked to what is offered; and by whom.

As a bookie, you need to be on the lookout for a PPH shop that has a good reputation acquired by:

  • Good experience
  • High-quality standards for services

If a PPH shop meets the above requirements; and offers you the cheapest Pay per Head price possible, you’re on the right track.


The Experience

Being a top bookmaker, you want to associate yourself with experienced sports betting professionals.

So, if the cheapest Pay per Head service is backed by a price per head shop that is managed by experienced sports betting and gambling pro’s; your can easily please the needs of your bettors while keeping your costs low.

And, if you’re facing that scenario, your chances of becoming successful are high.

On the other hand, if the PPH shop you’re working with is run by industry newbies; there’s no guarantee that they will provide you with the kind of sportsbook software and high-tech call center solutions that can make the difference for your bookmaking organization.

Indeed, experienced sports betting pros have a lot more to offer. And this is because such experience has made them better on their fields.

This include:

  • The general managers of the sportsbook software company
  • Wagering clerks
  • Customer service personnel
  • Tech support staff
  • And other miscellaneous activities


General Managers

These are the individuals that run the whole operation. If you’re dealing with a reputable PPH shop; chances are that their general managers are experienced pros whom have what it takes to keep the bookmaking software services company in great shape.

These guys know what bettors want. And for that reason, they’re able to offer their expertise on a daily basis to their staff in order to keep the sportsbook operation running seamlessly.

And, it is likely that they are also the ones in charge of setting the cheapest Pay per Head prices.


Wagering Clerks

Counting with experienced wagering clerks is essential to keep bettors active on a regular basis.

So, it is advisable to work with a PPH shop that offers offshore services from a country such as Costa Rica.

And the reason for this is because this is a country that’s filled with individuals that have worked in the local sports betting and gaming industries for years.

So, they know exactly how to treat bettors over the phone. They even know how to deal with the most demanding players; and that is reason enough to hire experienced clerks over newbies.


Customer Service Personnel

Even though you may be hiring the services of a price per head shop only because of their data management services; you definitely want customer service personnel at the PPH shop to be able to answer the questions of your players.

Sure, there are questions that only you as a top bookmaker can answer; however, anything related to the data that the PPH shop is helping you to manage can be answered by in-house client attention personnel.


Tech Support Staff

The cheapest Pay per Head service package must also include access to tech support.

Even though the bookmaking software you’re getting from the PPH shop is good and very user friendly; as a bookie you want to have the possibility to ask as many technical questions as you want; and when you want to.


High-Quality Standards for Services

The second most important thing to consider when searching for the cheapest Pay per Head are the standards of quality of their services.

Indeed, you want the highest possible quality of bookmaking and gambling services for the cheapest Pay per Head price.

These are the services you should focus on:

  • Bookie Software
  • Call Center
  • Mobile Betting
  • Casino Games


Bookie Software

The cheapest Pay per Head must include the best bookie software solution. So, what you want is to get the best possible bookmaking software for the least amount of cash.

If you are indeed working with a PPH shop that’s run by experienced individuals; chances are that the prices they’re charging you are going to be affordable; but most of all, fair, for the kind of high-quality product you’re getting as a bookie.

The kind of bookie software you’re looking for must include:

  • Custom wagering lines
  • Custom reports
  • Live reporting
  • Custom player account management


Call Center

This cheapest Pay per Head weekly fee must also allow your players to have access to an offshore call center.

You want this call center solution to include multilingual services. This means that besides english-speaking clients, with this service you can also start offering your wagering solutions to native speakers of other key languages such as Spanish and Chinese.


Mobile Betting

the cheapest Pay per Head weekly fee you can find must also include this essential service.

In fact, this is probably the most important bookmaking and gambling service you can count with.

And the reason is because the majority of sports betting players out there get their action online.

This is one of the reasons who offshore sportsbooks have become so wealthy; and, as a top bookmaker; you can get a piece of the action too by creating an alliance with the right price per head shop.


Casino Games

This is part of the mobile betting solution. However, this is an extra service. So, even if you’re getting the cheapest Pay per Head weekly fee; you may still need to pay an extra small price for making this service available to your clients.

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