Costa Rica Bookie Services To Help You Become A Successful Agent

With Costa Rica Bookie Services, you can really become the best agent you can be.

Costa Rica Bookie Services To Help You Become A Successful Agent
Costa Rica Bookie Services To Help You Become A Successful Agent

And the reason is because the Pay per Head solutions you can find in this country can really help you manage your business properly; and keep your players happy at the same time.


Costa Rica Bookie Services: What You Get

These are the Costa Rica Bookie Services you can get when you sign up from a PPH Shop located in this country:

  • Sportsbook Software
  • Full Call Center Access
  • Premium Client Attention
  • Sports Betting Website
  • Casino


Sportsbook Software

If you sign up for Costa Rica Bookie Services, you’ll get a full data management solution.

This is a Pay per Head service that will allow you to check the activity of your players trouble-free.

It is a very user-friendly tool, which counts with great reports that you can customize to check only the data you want to see.

As an agent, you really want this sportsbook software.

The reason is because you can manage things better; and more efficiently than bookmaking agents that still run their operations manually.

With this tool, you can check the both sports betting and online casino activity.

And since this price per head solution is fully mobile, you can access it from anywhere.

This means that you don’t necessarily need to count with an office. Instead, you can choose to run your operation directly from your laptop and smartphone.

In other words: this tool allows you to run your wagering and gambling operation on-the-go, all the time!


Full Call Center Access

One of the best factors related to getting Costa Rica Bookie Services is that your players will be able to get their action over the phone with expert clerks.

These wagering agents have been trained with the necessary skills so they can process wagers fast and professionally.

When you sign up with a PPH Shop, you automatically get this calling solution.

And all you need to do is to provide your players with a user name and password.

So, once they get that information from you, they can dial a number you’ll give them; and then they can get their wagering action.

Now, the number you’ll give them is a personalized 1-800 number you’ll get from the price per head shop.

This is a number that only your players can dial, meaning that you can count with your own toll free number!

And, this is a really good marketing tool as it enhances your image as a top bookmaker.

Another great factor related to this solution is that clerks are multilingual!

This means that you can get players that speak English, Chinese or Spanish; and they’ll be able to bet using the help of native speakers of the aforementioned languages.


Premium Client Attention

The best Costa Rica Bookie Services also include premium client attention for you and your players.

This means that you can always contact your account manager at the PPH Shop in order to check any type of information; or to get help modifying a given wagering line, for example.

And, your players can also contact the customer service department at the PPH offshore services company in order to get info related to their betting accounts.


Sports Betting Website

The best Costa Rica Bookie Services pack also includes a fully working website for your players.

This means that your clients can place their bets by themselves, using their favorite smart devices.

And all they’ll need to do it is the same user name and password for the call center.

This means that with one identity, your players can get all the action they want.

And most importantly, they don’t compromise their privacy because they never have to provide their personal info to the Pay per Head shop.

Now, when it comes to the kind of website you get, there are two main options:

  • Standard website
  • Custom website


Standard website

This is the website you get with the standard package.

It’s the cheapest of the two versions, and also the most popular amongst agents.

The reason is because the website it’s great, and the price for it is even better!


Custom website

Now, you can opt for spending a little extra cash. By doing so, you can get your own customized website!

This is a site that is going to be fully yours, and hosted by the PPH company.

This means that you can buy the URL name for the site, and the price per head shop hosts the site for you.

And most importantly, it provides you with the necessary sports betting and gaming software so your players can get their action!

If you try to get this type of fully working wagering and gambling site by yourself, it can get very expensive.

On the other hand, when you get it from a top Costa Rica Bookie Services provider; all you’ll need to do is to pay a one-time fee for the site, and then keep on paying for your regular PPH solutions on a weekly basis.



Part of the EXTRA Costa Rica Bookie Services you can get when you sign up with a reputable PPH Shop is a fully working casino!

As mentioned, this is an extra solution, which means that you need to pay a little more per week.

However, this is a very profitable service! Which means that you’ll be able to pay this gambling solution out of your own profits.

Now, this is a gambling service that includes the most popular games, including Pay per Head Poker.

And, all plays are recorded! Which guarantees the fairness of the gaming solutions.


So, why Costa Rica Bookie Services?

If you want a quick answer about why you should get Costa Rica Bookie Services, that answer is the formula of cheap prices versus great solutions.

A PPH Shop from this Central American country is able to offer the best prices because it saves in overhead costs.

Plus, it counts with the best professionals in the industry, allowing you and your players to be fully satisfied at all times.

Doubtlessly, getting Costa Rica Bookie Services is how you can enjoy the most successful and profitable sports betting career.

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