Costa Rica Pay per Head Services: Website, Call Center for Players

All industry insiders agree, that Costa Rica Pay per Head solutions are necessary to become successful…

Costa Rica Pay per Head Services: Website, Call Center for Players
Costa Rica Pay per Head Services: Website, Call Center for Players

Indeed, more and more bookies are choosing PPH offshore services, so it must be the right decision…

You can become part on an elite group of agents that run things like pros without breaking the bank…

And if you fail to join this group of savvy bookmaking agents, you will definitely be left behind.

This means that other local bookies that are working with a PPH company will start taking your clients because you’re still doing things the old school way.

And that is a scenario you want to avoid…


Costa Rica Pay per Head services that will never let you down

Everyone knows that all successful bookies use Costa Rica Pay per Head services…

And the reason is because these solutions will never let you down!


Join the digital revolution with Costa Rica Pay per Head

Don’t want to use offshore Costa Rica Pay per Head? Try wasting your profits on onshore overhead costs!

If you want to avoid that scenario, you can join the digital revolution, and work with your own bookie website.

You just pay a weekly fee for the site, and also for call center access, and bookie software

One price for everything!

The website offered by the PPH Shop is very user-friendly, so that your players can get their action without any kind of previous training.

Once you sign up with the right PPH company, you can create user names and passwords for your clients; so that they can start placing bets and playing casino games immediately.

Now, when it comes to the website for players, you have two options, and an extra feature:

  • Standard site
  • Custom site
  • Online casino


Standard site

This is the site that your players automatically get access to when you sign up with the Costa Rica Pay per Head shop.

It’s the standard site where the players of most bookmakers get their action.

It’s a very safe and fast solution, so that your customers can get the entertainment they want, whenever they want…


Custom site

A customized website is a great option so that you can enhance your image as a top bookmaker.

When it comes to features and functionalities, the standard and custom sites are just the same.

The difference is that a personalized site is available only to your own customers.

And you also get to pick the name of the website, and the design.

So, it’s basically a fully working wagering site, only for your players, and all you need to do to get it is to pay a ONE-TIME WEEKLY FEE.

Once you pay, the site is all yours to promote, and it becomes immediately available to your clients.


Online casino

You can also get your own Costa Rica Pay per Head online casino.

This is a full gambling solution that includes all the most popular games, such as PPH Poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots.

Now, this is an EXTRA SOLUTION. This means that when you sign up, this service is not included in the regular weekly fee you pay.

So, all you need to do is to tell the PPH representative that you want to count with your own gaming services.

And after paying the extra fee, the casino area will immediately become available to your players.

With that said, this is a solution you definitely want to count with.

And the reason is because you can easily double your profits, as your bettors are likely to also be gamblers.

Plus, if you count with this service, you can offer your services not only to sports betting players, but also to people that enjoys casino games.

This means that your possibilities of getting new customers are dramatically expanded; and that’s all to your advantage.


Costa Rica Pay per Head Call Center

Another top service you can get for your players from a Costa Rica Pay per Head shop is access to a call center.

This is a modern call center located in Costa Rica; where skilled clerks are prepared to process all the wagers from your clients in a fast and professional way…

A top feature related to this solution is your own toll free number, which is a free number for your players to dial as much as they want.

Another great feature related to this service is that your clients count with multilingual clerks.

This means that you can offer your bookie solutions not only to people that speaks English; but also to those that speak Chinese and Spanish.


Power, Peace of Mind and Security

With this tool, you can become the most powerful agent in your area, and improve your life at the same time.

On the other hand, if your fail to get PPH solutions, you can become powerless to other agents that are working with a PPH company.

Plus, you’ll be wasting your valuable profits on overhead costs, and that’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

You also want to choose PPH services because they are very secure.

This means that you will never have to process a single wager yourself.

And this is great because it means that you will not be directly linked to the wagering activity related to your business.

In other words, you’ll get great profits, and none of the regular business concerns attached to a standard wagering and gambling operation.


Trial Period

Now, when you sign up with a top Costa Rica Pay per Head shop, you’ll get access to a trial period.

This free time is usually a full week, and that’s definitely enough time for you to test everything out.

You can start with your bookie software, and then you can create a customer account and test the services for players.

So, you can login to the website and place some bets and play some casino games.

And you can also dial your own toll free number and place some wagers and check how the call center clerks perform during your test calls…


Doubtlessly, most experts agree that Costa Rica Pay per Head services are the top contributing factor for the success of a top bookmaker, so sign up with the right PPH Shop, and get started now…

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