Creating a Sportsbook Using Offshore Pay per Head Services

For bookies, Creating a Sportsbook is easy and affordable when working with a Pay per Head services provider.

Creating a Sportsbook Using Offshore Pay per Head Services
Creating a Sportsbook Using Offshore Pay per Head Services


Creating a Sportsbook: Why Pay per Head

If you’re in the process of Creating a Sportsbook; you may want to consider the possibility of working with a Pay per Head shop.

Here are the top reasons why you should use price per head solutions for your sports betting and gaming operation:

  • It’s Cheap!
  • Quick Sign Up Process
  • Fully Secure!


It’s Cheap!

Doubtlessly, Creating a Sportsbook all by yourself can be very expensive.

This is because you need to rent office space and come up with the cash for the payroll every single month.

On the other hand, PPH offshore services allows you to run your business successfully without breaking the bank.

The reason for this is because the price per head shop counts with modern overseas facilities and the best human talent.

Meaning that you can offer your players first-hand wagering and gambling solutions without having to assume the overhead costs yourself.


Quick Sign Up Process

By working with a reputable PPH Shop, you can pretty much create a bookmaking and gambling operation; and start offering your services in a matter of hours!

Here’s what you can expect from the sign up process:

  • 1. The first things you must do when Creating a Sportsbook is to contact the Pay per Head company of your choice.
  • 2. When on the phone, take the time to ask all the questions you want. This will allow you to see if you’re dealing with the right price per head shop or not.
  • 3. If you confirm that the PPH Shop offers you all you need, then it’s time to sign up.
  • 4. And that’s it! At this point you’re all set and ready to tell your players about your new wagering and gambling website and call center services.
  • 5. Now, after signing up, you’ll have a trial period to test the sports betting and gaming solutions. You can use this time to test out everything charge-free. If you happen to like the services, then that’s great! On the other hand, if you happen not to like such solutions, you can just look for a different PPH Shop.


Fully Secure!

Creating a Sportsbook the right way means that you want to operate with full security.

This involves your security, and that of your players.

Now, when requesting information from the Pay per Head shop, you need to verify what date they need from players.

A reputable PPH offshore services company only needs a pin and a password to process the action of a player.

This is great because it means that the personal data of your customers will always remain in your hands; and away from the internet.

In fact, this security factor is a great marketing tool that can help you sign up new clients.

This is because large bookmaking companies usually require credit card information from players.

But, by working with a top PPH Shop, you can provide excellent wagering and gambling services; and without compromising personal info!


Creating a Sportsbook: The Services You Need

When creating a Sportsbook, you’ll need certain key services to run your business smoothly.

Here are the solutions you need, and which you can obtain from a Pay per Head company:

  • Bookie Software
  • Online Wagering and Gambling Website
  • Call Center Betting Services


Bookie Software

The first service you need to ask about is bookie software.

This is the data management tool that allows the bookmaking agent to run his operation seamlessly.

This is because this is a tool that contains great reports; and all the flexibility the top bookmaker needs.

For example, the agent is able to create or close accounts, and set wagering limits and account credits.

The agent is also able to create his own wagering lines. And he can also move the lines provided by the PPH Shop.

Now, when asking questions, it’s important to figure out how mobile-friendly this service really is.

This is because you want to work with custom bookie software that you can access from any place.

As an agent, it’s likely that you will be constantly on the move searching for new players.

So, you need a flexible, mobile tool that can be easily accessed using your favorite smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Online Wagering and Gambling Website

The best thing about Creating a Sportsbook using PPH services is that you will get your own wagering and gambling website!

This is a site that you can obtain in a generic form, or you can also opt for customizing it.

This means that your players can use a site that is utilized by the players of many bookmaking agents.

Or, you can also acquire your custom website. This includes a site with your own domain name and custom design.

Now, both of the above options are great. The generic site works perfectly, and it’s more cost-effective.

The custom site, however, gives you a marketing edge.

This is because by counting with your own private site, you can promote your operation in a more professional way.

Allowing you to play hand-to-hand with the large online wagering and gambling businesses.


Call Center Betting Services

The other service that you’ll need when Creating a Sportsbook are call center betting services.

You want to work with a reputable Pay per Head Shop because this is the kind of company that can offer you a high-quality solution.

A good PPH Shop is located offshore, in a country such as Costa Rica.

This is a strategic location. And the reason is because this is a nation that counts with a large gambling community.

So, there’s plenty of skilled wagering clerks that can handle every single call in a professional, fast way.

Another reason why you want to pick an offshore PPH Shop is because the quality of the calls.

This means that the Pay per Head company has invested in the best communications technology.

So, every single call is fully clear. This is something you really want, because it allows you to prevent wagering disputes.


As you can see, Creating a Sportsbook is all about counting with the best Pay per Head services for players.

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